Shadow Secretary of State for Housing, John Healey visits Crawley’s Newest Council Homes

Shadow Secretary of State for Housing, John Healey visited Crawley this week and Peter Lamb, Council Leader and Labour Parliamentary Candidate was very happy to show the shadow minister around the new truly affordable housing the council has delivered for Crawley people under his leadership.

The development is part of the council’s own affordable housing scheme and is on an ex council depot in the Old Horsham Road. It comprises 22 flats in four blocks and 22 houses in five terraces.

The Council Leader and Labour Parliamentary Candidate, Peter Lamb said: “These have been extremely tough times financially for the council, facing the biggest budget cuts in living memory. But I have been determined that we deliver for local people the truly affordable housing that we so desperately need.

“So I was particularly proud to show Mr Healey what we have achieved.

“This housing is so new that, as we knocked on the doors, we found many of the residents had not yet even registered to vote. So I am keen to encourage anyone in Crawley to make sure they are registered to vote, particularly if they have recently moved. All it takes is a phone call to Electoral Services at the Town Hall on 01293 438346 or it can be done on-line at

“Under a Labour Government councils like Crawley would be able to deliver so much more of the truly affordable housing which is so desperately needed across the country. As Council Leader I have always said that fixing the housing crisis is a priority because surely we can all agree that every resident should be able to afford a place of their own.”

Shadow Secretary of State for Housing, John Healey said: “Today there are over a million people struck on council house waiting lists. As a country we are building 30,000 fewer social homes a year than in 2010.

“Labour Council Leaders like Peter are showing people that things do not have to be that way. Even in Opposition in Westminster, council leaders like Peter are making a real difference in housing for their constituents.  In Government, Labour will build one million new, genuinely affordable homes over 10 years.”

One comment

  1. Indeed, the last paragraph sums it up.

    Austerity kills, the decent folk in Crawley, won’t be Tory braying sheep, they’ll vote Lamb. Putting an end to a decade of the Tory rampant hostile environment.

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