In the news

Below are a list of articles where I am mentioned in a public role and which can be accessed online (although some of the links are quite old now). In the interests of transparency, the list includes both the positive and negative stories in which I am featured:

Labour makes choice for new Crawley Borough Council leader, Crawley Observer, 13/05/22,

Cllr Michael Jones is new Leader of Crawley Borough Council Labour Group, Spotted Media Services, 13/05/22,

Crawley MP Henry Smith accused of ‘cowardice’ after accusing council leader of altering contracts, Sussex Live, 13/05/22,

Crawley MP accused of ‘cowardice’ over union cash claims, Crawley Observer, 13/05/22,

Night of the insurgents, at Labour and Greens chalk up gains in Sussex, Sussex Bylines, 09/05/22,

Sussex election results 2022, BBC News, 07/05/22,

Crawley council election results are all in – Labour largest party but leader is stepping down, Crawley Observer, 06/05/22,

Labour jubilant as party makes gain in Crawley, The Argus, 06/05/22,

Crawley local election results 2022: Labour largest party after close fought battle with Conservatives, Sussex Live, 06/05/22,

Election 2022: Labour gain Crawley – but lose leader, Greatest Hits Radio, 06/05/22,, Crawley Observer, 06/05/22,

Redevelopment of council-owned Crawley depot planned, Crawley Observer, 05/04/22,

Crawley Borough Council opens Geraint Thomas House in memory of council cabinet member, Crawley Observer, 28/03/22,

Crawley Open House organises another ‘Big Sleep Out’ to raise money to help support their vital services, Crawley Observer, 25/03/22,

Crawley city bid: Do you know where the other UK would-be cities are?, Sussex Live, 19/03/22,

April will bring biggest living standards fall in 50 years, Labour leaders warn, Labour List, 16/03/22,

Taco Bell Crawley: When will new restaurant open after repeated delays?, Sussex Live, 16/03/22,

‘We need to welcome refugees like we would our neighbours’, Crawley Observer, 11/03/22,

Crawley health services want to ‘plan more intuitively for the needs of the population’, Crawley Observer, 11/03/22,

Crawley residents fear that ‘advertising will dominate everywhere we look’, Crawley Observer, 11/03/22,

Friends of Goffs Park ask ‘The kiosk is the heart of Goffs Park, and the park needs it back!’, Crawley Observer, 10/03/22,

The future use of Tilgate Park and how difficult issues can be managed, Crawley Observer, 10/03/22,

The Archbishop of Canterbury leads sermon and prayer at Crawley Church, Crawley Observer, 04/03/22,

‘Crawley stands with Ukraine’ – Council fly Ukrainian flag to demonstrate unity, Crawley Observer, 02/03/22,

Crawley Question Time 2022 panel is revealed, Crawley Observer, 02/03/22,

Plans to ease parking pressures at Crawley’s Tilgate Park, Crawley Observer, 01/03/22,

Crawley council tax to rise as budget is agreed, Crawley Observer, 28/02/22,

Crawley Question Time 2022: Everything you need to know, Crawley Observer, 18/02/22,

Greater Brighton invests in low-carbon hydrogen economy, H2 Energy News, 16/02/22,

Financial package to support Greater Brighton’s hydrogen prospects in the UK, H2 View, 14/02/22,

Fears areas like Crawley will be ‘levelled down’ in new government strategy, Crawley Observer, 10/02/22,

Plans for discretionary £150 Council Tax discount for vulnerable Crawley residents, Crawley Observer, 09/02/22,

Millions more to be spent on temporary accommodation in Crawley, Crawley Observer, 07/02/22,

Former Crawley restaurant’s unpaid six-figure debt written off by council, Crawley Observer, 07/02/22,

No cuts in Crawley Borough Council’s budget but reserves could be used to balance books, Crawley Observer, 04/02/22,

Order prohibiting ‘car cruising’ in Crawley to be extended, Crawley Observer, 04/02/22,

Crawley Borough Council to increase its share of council tax bills, Crawley Observer, 04/02/22,

Heated row during meeting of Greater Brighton Economic Board, The Argus, 03/02/22,

This is how Crawley residents can save time and money by signing up to electronic billing from the council, Crawley Observer, 01/02/22,

A sorry statement follows heated row about Greater Brighton funding, Brighton & Hove News, 01/02/22,

Crawley bids to host the Queen’s Baton Relay – and this is how you can nominate someone to be a batonbearer, Crawley Observer, 28/01/22,

Crawley Borough Council proposes a balanced budget, without frontline cuts, Crawley Observer, 28/01/22,

Crawley MP urged to call for Boris Johnson’s resignation, Crawley Observer, 24/01/22,

Crawley MP urged to call on Boris Johnson to resign, Greatest Hits Radio, 19/01/22,

This is how Crawley Businesses can apply for reduced rates thanks to COVID-19 Additional Relief Fund, Crawley Observer, 17/01/22,

Here’s where 1,000 new homes could be built near Crawley’s border, Crawley Observer, 17/01/22,

This is how Crawley businesses severely impacted by the Omicron variant can get payments of support up to £3,000 thanks to additional funding, Crawley Observer, 13/01/22,

‘This is really what Christmas is about’ – More than 600 Christmas meals delivered thanks to the Greenaway Foundation, Crawley Observer, 24/12/21,

Crawley faces tough competition in city status bid, The Argus, 23/12/21,

Crawley councillors back a more ambitious net zero target, Crawley Observer, 16/12/21,

Around 1,000 have come forward for Crawley rent refunds, Crawley Observer, 16/12/21,

Crawley Borough Council sends 46-page document as bid for city status is submitted, Crawley Observer, 14/12/21,

Public react to calls for Crawley to become a city, The Argus, 20/11/21,

New multi-million pound STEM facility officially opened at Crawley College, Crawley Observer, 18/11/21,

Boris Johnson: Opinions split among Argus readers over whether PM was wrong to laugh at Crawley city bid, The Argus, 19/11/21,

Councillor hits back after Boris Johnson laughed at MP calling for Crawley to become a city, The Argus, 18/11/21,

The latest figures from Crawley’s local NHS trust reveal that there are now 31,061 patients waiting for care in our area- opinion, Crawley Observer, 17/11/21,

If we’re going to reach net zero, we will all have to make substantial sacrifices, Crawley Observer, 03/11/21,

This is what Crawley needs from the Government’s upcoming Levelling Up White Paper, Crawley Observer, 26/10/21,

‘Levelling up’ must devolve power to London if its poverty is to be addressed, says London Councils chair, OnLondon, 26/10/21,

Crawley adventure playground saved, Crawley Observer, 25/10/21,

Crawley announces city status bid on 75th anniversary, BBC News, 22/10/21,

Will Crawley become a city? The West Sussex town that’s ‘grown into a regional powerhouse’, SussexLive, 21/10/21,

Crawley councillors re-state ‘strongest possible opposition’ to West of Ifield development, Crawley Observer, 21/10/21,

Housing development named after fallen Crawley Marine, Royal Navy, 19/10/21,

Crawley town to apply for city status, Greatest Hits Radio, 21/10/21,

Housing development named after fallen Crawley Marine, Spotted Media Services, 15/10/21,

Housing development in Crawley named after fallen Marine Scott Summers, Crawley Observer, 15/10/21,

Crawley to bid city status for Queen’s platinum jubilee, The Argus, 14/10/21,

Crawley considering applying for city status on 75th anniversary, BBC News, 13/10/21,

Crawley Council announce bid to become a City, Spotted Media Services, 12/10/21,

What would becoming a city mean for Crawley?, Crawley Observer, 12/10/21,

Make Christmas come early for our local shops, Crawley Observer, 12/10/21,

Thousands of aviation workers facing furlough cliff edge in two days’ time, according to Labour analysis, Crawley Observer, 28/09/21,

From one crisis to another but it’s not too late to put us back on the right course, Crawley Observer, 28/09/21,

With so many households already close to breaking point, is it any wonder that we are seeing a huge increase in crime and antisocial behaviour?, Crawley Observer, 22/09/21,

It’s time to ask these tough questions of the Tories, Crawley Observer, 15/09/21,

Crawley’s Adventure Playgrounds: How they can be saved and run successfully, Crawley Observer, 12/09/21,

Dog owners urged to keep pets on a lead around Tilgate Lake, Crawley Observer, 10/09/21,

National Insurance increase hits the poorest the hardest – Peter Lamb, leader of Crawley Borough Council, West Sussex Gazette, 08/09/21,

Petition to save Crawley’s adventure playgrounds raises more than 4,100 signatures, Crawley Observer, 07/09/21,

You can’t beat climate change without everyone making sacrifices – Peter Lamb, leader of Crawley Borough Council, Crawley Observer, 31/08/21,

The reasons we have to make budget cuts, Crawley Observer, 18/08/21,

New chairman wants to establish Greater Brighton as leaders in the UK’s green industrial revolution and transition to net zero, Crawley Observer, 29/07/21,

Vineyards could boost Sussex agriculture, Brighton & Hove News, 20/07/21,

Plans for new Islamic faith school in Crawley refused, Crawley Observer, 22/07/21,

This is why the Government’s ‘Freedom Day’ was an arbitrary date, Crawley Observer,21/07/21, This is why the Government’s ‘Freedom Day’ was an arbitrary date – Peter Lamb, Crawley Borough Council leader

Vineyards could boost Sussex agriculture, Brighton & Hove News, 20/07/21,

Restrictions hit harder in Crawley than most places, but there remains no signs of support for our communitIes, Crawley Observer, 14/07/21,

Crawley Borough Council leader Peter Lamb committed to honouring Gareth Southgate after UEFA Euro 2020 exploits, Crawley Observer, 14/07/21,

England manger Gareth Southgate statue not off the table, The Argus, 13/07/21,

This is how MP Henry Smith thinks Crawley should commemorate Gareth Southgate’s achievement, Crawley Observer, 12/07/21,

This is what the Crawley Borough Council leader said about a Gareth Southgate statue in town, Crawley Observer, 09/07/21,

Government’s ‘Developers’ Charter’ undermines housing and is impossible to justify, West Sussex Gazette, 30/06/21,

Drones – are we opening our skies to nuisance and chaos?, Diginomica, 30/06/21,

Free car parking for NHS and social care staff and volunteers extended at Crawley multi-storey car park, Crawley Observer, 24/06/21,

We need better care for our service veterans, Crawley Observer, 23/06/21,

Hands off our park! Residents raise concerns for Bewbush land earmarked for development, Crawley Observer, 23/06/21,

Children in Crawley deserve better, Crawley Observer, 09/06/21,

No changes to Crawley proposed in Parliamentary boundary review, Crawley Observer, 08/06/21,

Watch amazing time lapse as new Town Hall comes to life in Crawley, Crawley News 24, 04/06/21,

Crawley Borough Council releases time lapse video to mark Town Hall milestone, Crawley Observer, 03/06/21,

Labour retains control of Crawley Borough Council administration with support of Independent, Crawley Observer, 01/06/21,

Labour reaches deal with Independent over Crawley Borough Council administration, Crawley Observer, 28/05/21,

Almost a third of children in Crawley living in poverty, Crawley Observer, 26/05/21,

Crawley Borough Council balance is on a knife edge, Crawley Observer, 26/05/21,

‘It’s about making people aware of the human rights violations, the lack of freedom and movement in Palestine’, Crawley Observer, 24/05/21,

Crawley Conservatives table no confidence vote on Labour administration, Crawley Observer, 21/05/21,

Uncertainty surrounds which party will control Crawley Borough Council, Crawley Observer, 10/05/21,

Still No Overall Control for Crawley Borough Council, ITV News, 08/05/21,

Crawley Borough Council remains in no overall control following 2021 election, Crawley Observer, 08/05/21,

Labour leader in Crawley has warning for party, BBC News, 07/05/21,

West of Ifield: Leader of Crawley Borough Council sends letter to Secretary of State for Housing concerning plans for 10,000 houses, Crawley Observer, 07/05/21,

Tributes paid following the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, Brighton & Hove Independent, 09/04/21,

Prince Philip: ‘God bless HM Queen Elizabeth II at this sad time’, Crawley Observer, 09/04/21,

Bleak future for Crawley a year after first Covid lockdown, The Guardian, 04/04/21,

Gatwick Airport: Can Crawley turn away from aviation and go green?, BBC News, 31/03/21,

Crawley’s new Town Hall building is reaching new heights, Crawley Observer, 24/03/21,

Crawley Borough Council leader looks back at an ‘incredibly tough year’, Crawley Observer, 23/03/21,

Crawley Borough Council leader looks back at an ‘incredibly tough year’, Crawley Observer, 23/03/21,

1 per cent NHS pay rise is ‘deeply insulting’ says Sir Keir Starmer after Crawley Hospital visit, West Sussex County Times, 12/03/21,

Sir Keir Starmer’s Crawley visit: ‘we want Gatwick to be thriving in the future’, West Sussex County Times, 12/03/21,

‘Taken for granted’ or ‘support and reassurance’? The two opposing views of the budget on Crawley, Crawley News 24, 04/03/21,

Budget 2021: the reaction from West Sussex, Greatest Hits Radio, 04/03/21,

Crawley council forced to make ‘first substantial cuts in a number of years’, Crawley Observer, 04/03/21,

West Sussex leader calls for ‘jobs-focused’ Budget, Greatest Hits Radio, 03/03/21,

More affordable housing and protecting frontline services are key aims say Crawley Council as their budget is approved, Crawley News 24, 03/03/21,

Crawley’s Council leader calls on Chancellor for a ‘Jobs-Focused Budget’ tomorrow, Crawley News 24, 02/03/21,

Crawley residents urged to register for a postal vote in May’s council elections, Crawley Observer, 26/02/21,

New campaign launches to shine a spotlight on the challenges faced by people in Crawley, Crawley Observer, 24/02/21,

Crawley council cuts £200,000 from budget to support voluntary and community groups, Crawley Observer, 08/02/21,

Crawley council tax to rise as budget is set to cope with ‘extreme financial pressures’, Crawley Observer, 08/02/21,

Gatwick freeport bid seeks to rebuild Crawley’s economy, Crawley Observer, 05/02/21,

Closure of Crawley’s adventure playgrounds confirmed, Crawley Observer, 04/02/21,

Calls for West Sussex’s local elections to be delayed again, Greatest Hits Radio, 29/01/21,

Going ahead with May’s Crawley council elections ‘would be irresponsible’, Crawley Observer, 28/01/21,

Crawley Borough Council call for elections to be postponed, The Argus, 28/01/21,

Charity fundraiser launched in memory of popular former Crawley mayor, Crawley Observer, 18/01/21,

Crawley Council urges closed businesses to apply for lockdown business grants, Crawley News 24, 15/01/21,

Grant ensures two Crawley playgrounds can remain open, Crawley News 24, 14/01/21,

Tributes to former mayor and popular Crawley figure, Crawley Observer, 14/01/21,

Crawley Southgate Councillor and former Mayor dies, Crawley News 24, 13/01/21,

My desperate search for FA Cup magic in Crawley, The Telegraph, 08/01/21,

Crawley major incident: Evacuated residents return home, ITV News, 07/01/21,

Families told to stay away from scene of Crawley gas leak, Crawley Observer, 06/01/21,

Gas leak repaired as 700 Crawley residents evacuated after major incident declared, Crawley News 24, 06/01/21,

Crawley tops the list of West Sussex councils with the highest number of COVID cases per 100k, Crawley News 24, 05/01/21,

Station Way flats, Crawley Observer, 30/12/20,

Council announce service changes as Crawley moves to Tier 4, Crawley News 24, 24/12/20,

More areas of England could be moved to tier 4 restrictions, BBC News, 23/12/20,

Crawley council leader reacts to ‘painful’ Tier 4 restrictions, Crawley Observer, 23/12/20,

Crawley to go into Tier 4 from Boxing Day, Crawley News 24, 23/12/20,

Could Sussex be the next area to move into Tier 3 restrictions?, ITV News, 17/12/20,

Crawley council to create £600,000 Covid reserve, Crawley Observer, 17/12/20,

Playgrounds & toilets closed, cuts to community funding & bin collections to likely become fortnightly as Crawley Council try to save money following Covid, Crawley News 24, 11/12/20,

Crawley closures to fill budget gap, The MJ, 10/12/20,

Crawley’s Weekly bin collections to stay but adventure playgrounds to close, Crawley Observer, 10/12/20,

Crawley Borough Council Shifts Budget Priorities as COVID-19 Costs Bite, More Radio, 10/12/20,

What Crawley Council buildings and services reopen today? The full list here, Crawley News 24, 02/12/20,

Over £2m given to Crawley Council for discretionary business grants, Crawley News 24, 25/11/20,

‘It’s not nearly enough funding’ warns Crawley Council as business grant applications open, Crawley News 24, 18/11/20,

Crawley Council cuts are coming warns towns leader, Crawley News 24, 12/11/20,

Six-month conditional discharge, a fine and an in-depth investigation all for throwing a cig on the floor – Crawley’s hard line on littering, Crawley News 24, 05/11/20,

Shoppers rush to the tills as Crawley prepares for lockdown, Crawley Observer, 04/11/20,

Lockdown information for Tilgate Park, public toilets and Crawley Borough Council services, Crawley Observer, 03/11/20,

Last chance to have a say on Crawley council budget options, Crawley Observer, 03/11/20,

‘The money is already spent’ – Crawley Council leader says extra money from government can’t help fund school meals, Crawley News 24, 29/10/20,

Crawley businesses helping to feed hungry children this half term, Crawley Observer, 27/10/20,

Crawley vows to keep children fed as towns council looks to continue support over Christmas, Crawley News 24, 25/10/20,

Crawley councillors call for government rethink on planning reforms, Crawley Observer, 23/10/20,

‘Don’t force children to go hungry’ says Crawley Council leader after MP’s vote against extending free school meals, Crawley News 24, 22/10/20,

Here’s how Sussex MPs voted on free school meals extension, Crawley Observer, 22/10/20,

Trade unions, mayors, MPs and councillors demand 80% Covid wage support, LabourList, 21/10/20,

‘I know pilots who are driving for Sainsbury’s now’, BBC News, 15/10/20,

Crawley could move to fortnightly bin collections, Crawley Observer, 12/10/20,

Fortnightly bin collection, cutting support to community & increasing fees proposed as Crawley Council tries to fill £1.2m shortfall, Crawley News 24, 09/10/20,

Are you self-isolating in Crawley? You could be eligible for support payments, Crawley News 24, 01/10/20,

Antisocial drinkers in Crawley could be fined £100 under proposed new rules, Crawley Observer, 30/09/20,

Coronavirus: Council warns of ‘difficult choices’ to balance books, BBC News, 30/09/20,

‘Serious savings’ needed for Crawley Borough Council to keep its head above water, Crawley Observer, 29/09/20,

1,200 local Labour leaders urge PM to rethink end of furlough, LabourList, 16/09/20,

The Kafkaesque tactics that define the Starmer-Evans project, Medium, 11/09/19,

‘Name and shame Crawley businesses not following social distancing’, Crawley Observer, 04/09/20,

‘A complete waste of time’ – reaction to cycle lanes as Crawley Council claim to have been ignored over its decision, Crawley News 24, 03/09/20,

Gatwick airport planning 600 job cuts, Business Travel News, 27/08/20,

Gatwick Airport plans to cut 600 jobs due to coronavirus, BBC News, 26/08/20,

Coronavirus: Gatwick to axe 600 jobs, The Argus, 26/08/20,

New self-service dog washing machine launches at Tilgate Park, Crawley, Crawley News 24, 25/08/20,

Crawley Council warns of rise of conmen knocking on doors across town, Crawley News 24, 20/08/20,

Crawley ‘can’t afford another year of this’, Crawley Observer, 12/08/20,

West Sussex ‘must build extra 2,200 houses a year’, SpiritFM, 11/08/20,

Nearly 80 people have died with Covid-19 in Crawley as council leader warns town can’t afford second wave, Sussex Live, 10/08/20,



Here’s why Tilgate Park entry price has increased, according to Crawley council leader, Crawley Observer, 04/08/20,

Crawley council leader says Britain First can keep turning up in town – but will ‘get the same kind of Crawley welcome every time they do’, Crawley Observer, 03/08/20,

Empty skies over Gatwick mean turbulent times for furlough capital Crawley, The Telegraph, 01/08/20,

Government should bail out airlines says Labour at Gatwick, The Argus, 30/07/20,


Shadow Chancellor comes to Gatwick as calls come to save local jobs, Crawley News 24, 28/07/20,

Shadow Chancellor visits Gatwick and backs support for aviation sector, Crawley Observer, 28/07/20,

Customers told to self-isolate after 16 coronavirus cases linked to one pub in Crawley, The i, 25/07/20,

Sixteen Covid-19 cases linked to a Crawley pub, BBC News, 24/07/20,

Crawley Town Hall reopens but make sure you book an appointment, Crawley News 24, 21/07/20,

Tory and Labour councillors reach agreement in Crawley, The Argus, 15/07/20,

Labour and Conservatives agree ‘crisis’ council plan, BBC News, 15/07/20,

History in the making as Labour & Conservatives agree to run Crawley council together, Crawley News 24, 15/07/20,

Crawley’s Labour and Conservative leaders reach agreement on running of council, Crawley Observer, 15/07/20,

Seventeen Crawley play areas to reopen, despite a recent spike in coronavirus cases in the town, Crawley Observer, 14/07/20,

West Sussex sees a Covid-19 spike in Crawley, The Argus, 13/07/20,

Independents won’t resign from council and hand Conservatives a majority, Crawley Observer, 13/07/20,

Crawley urged to adhere to social distancing rules, Crawley Observer, 10/07/20,

Crawley political council leaders to discuss joining forces, Crawley Observer, 08/07/20,

Crawley Council Leader agrees to meet with opposition party to resolve towns leadership situation, Crawley News 24, 08/07/20,

Crawley Conservatives ‘want to find fair and sensible agreement’ with Labour, Crawley Observer, 07/07/20,

‘Let’s form a coalition’ – Crawley’s Conservative leader strikes back at Labour with new proposal as political chess game heats up, Crawley News 24, 07/07/20,

Crawley Labour leaders criticise departing councillors, The Argus, 06/07/20,

Trouble within Labour as letter reveals one third of parties councillors want a new Crawley leader, Crawley News 24, 02/07/20,

Showdown likely for control of Crawley council, Crawley Observer, 01/07/20,

Has Crawley’s Council Leader just made a clever political chess move?, Crawley News 24, 01/70/20,

Crawley councillor quits Labour to defend anti-Semitism accusations, Crawley Observer, 01/07/20,

‘Is Crawley Leader on a power trip?” – local Councillor asks, Crawley News 24, 01/07/20,

Crawley Council Leader invites call ‘motion of no confidence’ as two Labour Councillors resign, Crawley News 24, 01/07/20,

‘Evidence of my antisemitism is a joke’ – Crawley Councillor explains her decision to go independent, Crawley News 24, 30/06/20,

‘Time running out to stop mass unemployment in Crawley’, The Observer, 25/06/20,

The Sussex councils which loaned £72m to an Essex borough, The Argus, 23/06/20,

Coronavirus: Memorial suggested to honour victims, BBC News, 22/06/20,

Crawley memorial could be created to honour those lost during pandemic, Crawley Observer, 19/06/20,

Crawley Council prepares town centre for shops reopening, Crawley News 24, 11/06/20,

Dispersal Order for Tilgate Park from Friday 5th June, Crawley News 24, 04/06/20,

‘It is so quiet’: 21 passengers leave Gatwick in one day as air traffic halts, The Guardian, 02/06/20,

Crawley residents asked not to pack out Tilgate Park, Crawley Observer, 02/06/20,

Sex outdoors: the truth about what you CAN and CANNOT do around Crawley despite council leaders objections, Crawley News 24, 02/06/20,

Come visit our parks, just not Tilgate says Crawley Council as questions continue over car parks closure, Crawley News 24, 01/06/20,

Call to reopen car parks at Tilgate Park, Crawley Observer, 01/06/20,

25 Tonnes of sh#t – Crawley’s shocking Doggy Doo Doo mountain, Crawley News 24, 21/05/20,

Survey to find out the impact of coronavirus on Crawley’s businesses, Crawley Observer, 20/05/20,

There are nearly 200 confirmed coronavirus cases in Crawley, MyLondon, 19/05/20,

Crawley Council Leader: ‘if the Government acts now all the pain can be avoided’, Crawley News 24, 18/05/20,

‘How is COVID-19 impacting your business?’ Crawley Council wants to know, Crawley News 24, 18/05/20,

Virgin Atlantic provide a glimmer of hope, The Voice, 14/05/20,

Crawley MP and council leader team up to appeal for government support, The Argus, 11/05/20,

Gatwick’s woes spark fears over local economy, Evening Standard, 07/05/20,

Virgin Atlantic pulling out of Gatwick to have ‘detrimental impact’ on local economy, ITV News, 05/05/20,

Virgin Atlantic plans to cut 3,000 jobs and shut down operations at Gatwick in ‘devastating’ move for local businesses, inews, 05/05/20,

Plea for Government help to avoid Crawley’s economic success being wiped out, Crawley Observer, 05/05/20,

Crawley leaders describe Virgin Atlantic’s cut-backs at Gatwick as ‘devastating’, SpiritFM, 05/05/20,

Virgin Atlantic’s decision to quit Gatwick ‘devastating’ for Crawley, Crawley Observer, 05/05/20,

How to Join the mass sing-a-long with Dame Vera Lynn on VE Day, The Argus, 03/05/20,

Coronavirus lockdown could cause ’employment catastrophe’ in Crawley as it becomes ‘most affected’ town in UK, Evening Standard, 02/05/20,

Crawley, where more than half of jobs are to be lost or furloughed due to coronavirus, pleads to government for help, Morning Star, 02/05/20,

Councils in ‘catastrophe’: Town where HALF of workers face being furloughed pleads for PM’s help, Express Informer, 02/05/20,

Gatwick carnage leaves Crawley with HALF of its workers facing furlough as councils across Britain brace for £5bn budget black hole, The Daily Mail, 01/05/20,

Crawley council urges Government to help ‘worst affected’ economy, ITV News, 01/05/20,

Crawley Council Leader launches campaign to support #CrawleyOnline businesses, Crawley News 24, 01/05/20,

Urgent plea to Government to help town ‘most affected’ by lockdown, The Argus, 01/05/20,

More than 50% of jobs in Crawley are at risk of being lost or furloughed, according to report, ITV News, 01/05/20,

Council leader and towns MP call on Government for urgent help to rescue Crawley, Crawley News 24, 30/04/20,

Some Crawley rough sleepers back on streets after losing accommodation, Crawley Observer, 28/04/20,

Lack of flights into Gatwick so costly for Sussex economy, The Argus, 23/04/20,

Why your Crawley bonfire could result in a fine of £100, Crawley Observer, 20/04/20,

Crawley wakes up to the empty skies of the coronavirus crash, The Guardian, 19/04/20,

“Wonderful people doing a wonderful job”, response as Crawley Councils help hub supports hundreds of residents and businesses, Crawley News 24, 17/04/20,

Fears over economic fallout of coronavirus on Crawley, BBC News, 17/04/20,

Crawley’s economy faces ‘long way back’ after lockdown ends, Crawley Observer, 17/04/20,


Coronavirus: Grant scheme available for Crawley’s local businesses, Crawley News 24, 09/04/20,

Crawley Borough Council EH team is leading the way in making sure vulnerable people are receiving essential supplies, CIEH, 09/04/20,

Over 800 people supported by Crawley Council’s Help HUB in under two weeks, Crawley News 24, 08/04/20,

Covid-19: Crawley businesses come together to support the local community, Crawley News 24, 06/04/20,

Annoyance at closure of Crawley’s rubbish tip, Crawley Observer, 06/04/20,

Aldi helps stock coronavirus food parcels, The Argus, 05/04/20,

Food parcels for vulnerable delivered with help from Crawley businesses, Crawley Observer, 03/04/20,

Coronavirus: Warnings to West Sussex pubs not to hold lock-ins, Spiritfm, 03/04/20,

Warning to Crawley pubs organising lock-ins during coronavirus pandemic, Crawley Observer, 03/04/20,

Crawley Council launches coronavirus Help Hub, Crawley News 24, 30/03/20,

Here’s what Crawley’s council leader said during coronavirus Q&A, Crawley Observer, 27/03/20,

Crawley Open House launches appeal for food, Crawley Observer, 27/03/20,

Crawley Borough Council Leader answers residents concerns over COVID-19, Crawley News 24, 26/03/20,

Crawley Borough Council offers free parking for NHS, social care staff and volunteers, Crawley News 24, 26/03/20,

Crawley multi-storey car park is free for NHS staff, Crawley Observer, 26/03/20,

Crawley Council Leader to take part in live coronavirus Q&A for residents, Crawley News 24, 25/03/20,

Crawley support network to help most vulnerable during Coronavirus pandemic, Crawley Observer, 23/03/20,

Legal restrictions needed to prevent stockpiling – Crawley council leader, Crawley Observer, 23/03/20,

‘Business as usual’ for rubbish collection teams across West Sussex, Crawley Observer, 23/03/20,

Coronavirus: Business as usual for bin collections in Arun, The Argus, 21/03/20,

All council facilities to close except Town Hall as Council leader announces ‘Crawley’s biggest response to a civil emergency in its history’, Crawley News 24, 20/03/20,

Potholes, cycle paths and coronavirus feature at Crawley Question Time, Crawley Observer, 16/03/20,

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Crawley Borough Council uncovers 132 cases of incorrect council tax discount claims worth £76,000, Crawley Observer, 24/02/20,

132 cases of false single persons discount claims uncovered by Crawley Council, Crawley News 24, 24/02/20,

Historic appointment as council names first Sikh Cabinet member, Crawley Observer, 18/02/20,

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£150m Crawley town centre regeneration scheme underway, PBC Today, 14/01/20,

Work starts to build 270 apartments, a new town hall and office space in Crawley town centre, Crawley Observer, 13/01/20,

Major town centre regeneration begins in Crawley, Crawley News 24, 08/01/20,

Laura Parker and Paul Mason among hundreds urging NEC to “open up”, Labour List, 06/01/20,

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‘I have never been so offended in all my life’ says councillor after Crawley leader calls opposition ‘not good people’, Crawley News 24, 17/12/19,

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Crawley Morrisons to close with loss of 128 jobs, Crawley News 24, 21/08/19,

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Towns Council Leader calls for return of Crawley’s school funding, Crawley News 24, 05/04/19,

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“Tory cuts are to blame” says Crawley Council leader as new report reveals drop in care homes quality, Crawley News 24, 11/03/19,

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Inadequate Brexit funding ‘better spent on tinned food’, Local Government Chronicle, 30/01/19,

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Brexit cash for councils ‘better off spent on tinned food and paraffin stoves’, Crawley Observer, 29/01/19,

£900k given to Sussex to combat youth crime, but will Crawley see any of it? Truth is no-one knows!, Crawley News 24, 24/01/19,

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We need to invest in our mental health services, Crawley Observer, 17/01/19,

Over TEN violent or sexual crimes reported every DAY last year in Crawley, Crawley News 24, 10/01/19,

Business Rates Deal Means Cash for West Sussex Gigabit Broadband, ISP Review, 09/01/19,

Crawley people and businesses to get super high speed gigabit broadband, Crawley Observer, 09/01/19,

More business rates to be kept local and pay for gigabit broadband, Crawley News 24, 09/01/19,

Tributes to ‘inspirational’ former Crawley councillor who helped raise trans awareness in town, Crawley Observer, 08/01/19

Crawley Memorial Gardens a ‘no-go zone’ at night, Crawley Observer, 08/01/19,

Fresh calls for more police on Crawley’s streets, Crawley Observer, 08/01/19,

Unite and Momentum candidates dominate Labour’s selection races, The Guardian, 05/01/19,

Thousands of local pensioners could be about to lose their FREE TV License, Crawley News 24, 28/12/18,

Outrage as West Sussex cuts housing support by £4 million, Crawley news 24, 19/12/18,

‘Devastating’ £4million cuts to housing support services in West Sussex criticised, Crawley Observer, 19/12/18,

Gatwick School impresses Leader of Council as it continues to grow, Crawley News 24, 18/12/18,

Political row over post office, BBC News, 14/12/18,

Crawley school students launch petition for change as funding cuts threaten their education, Crawley News 24, 14/12/18,

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Planning exists for a reason, Crawley News 24, 04/12/18,

Post Office shuns Crawley public meeting opposing closure, Crawley News 24, 04/12/18,

Independent review of Crawley council’s data centre relocation problems is planned, Crawley Observer, 30/11/18,

Union calls day of action this Saturday to save Crawley Post Office, Crawley News 24, 28/11/18,

Crawley car cruisers branded ‘noisy tykes causing terrible problems’, Crawley Observer, 26/11/18,

Find out if you can save £280 on your heating bill, Crawley Observer, 23/11/18,

Post Office WILL CLOSE whatever consultation says, Crawley News 24, 16/11/18,

Charity to close its Crawley centre, Crawley Observer, 14/11/18,

Crawley Community Wardens praised for their life saving actions, Crawley News 24, 13/11/18,

‘Springboard are not closing because we were increasing the rent’ says Leader of Crawley Council, Crawley News 24, 13/11/18,

Crawley Community Wardens praised for their life saving actions, Crawley News 24, 13/11/18,

Crawley warden stopped young man jumping off building by grabbing his ankle, Crawley Observer, 12/11/18,

Could Crawley refuse collection change to fortnightly?, Crawley News 24, 07/11/18,

‘Bad, Bad, Bad’, Crawley Council Leader tells Post Office why proposed closure is not good, Crawley News 24, 06/11/18,

Shadow Cabinet member joins Crawley campaign for more police officers, Crawley Observer, 23/10/18,

Crawley Labour launches campaign for more police officers, Crawley News 24, 23/10/18,

Extension to funding for West Sussex charities ‘only a stay of execution’, Crawley Observer, 19/10/18,

Crawley motion argues cuts to housing support services ‘a mistake’, Crawley Observer, 12/10/18,

Housing problem needs a national solution, Crawley Observer, 03/10/18,

Protest over proposed West Sussex social care cuts, Crawley Observer, 27/09/18,

Labour leaders refuse to back Corbyn’s illegal budget comments, Local Government Chronicle, 26/09/18,

Council leader ‘won’t be complicit’ in housing support cuts, Crawley Observer, 18/09/18,

Henry Smith MP accuses Crawley Council Leader of ‘political narrow-mindedness’, Crawley News 24, 14/09/18,

West Sussex leaders fight to save frontline services from cuts, The Argus, 13/09/18,

Councils across West Sussex meet to discuss budget cuts, without Crawley Council, Crawley News 24, 13/09/18,

Finding the funds to save West Sussex’s homeless, Crawley News 24, 12/09/18,

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West Sussex Council leader responds to Crawley demands on cuts: “It’s important that local authorities work together to find a solution”, Crawley News 24, 07/09/18,

Has West Sussex County Council’s Chief Exec just supported the save Open House campaign?, Crawley News 24, 07/09/18,

Labour county councillors criticise West Sussex Council as cuts hit people ‘at their most vulnerable’, Crawley News 24, 05/09/18,

Crawley woman pleads guilty over Council Tax deception, Crawley Observer, 04/09/18,

Thousands rally behind Crawley Open House, West Sussex Gazette, 03/09/18,

Crawley MP calls on County Leader to ‘re-think’ cuts to Housing Related Support, Crawley News 24, 03/09/18,

Milestone for Brighton Mainline Alliance campaign, Brighton Unlimited, 01/09/18,

‘We simply do not have the money’, West Sussex Council claim after horror over cuts, Crawley News 24, 31/08/18,

More litter left scattered across field as travellers vacate Northgate, Crawley News 24, 22/08/18,

“Law and order is turning into a joke”, says Leader of Council as travellers invade playing fields, Crawley News 24, 20/08/18,

Crawley council recover property used as car parts business, Crawley Observer, 13/08/18,

Unite names 15th council to back construction charter, Development Finance Today, 13/08/18,

Crawley becomes 15th council to sign Construction Charter, The Construction Index, 13/08/18, Crawley becomes 15th council to sign Construction Charter

Three Bridges property used as car parts business recovered by council, Crawley News 24, 10/08/18,

Call for police to ‘get a grip’ on drugs and violent crime in Crawley, Crawley Observer, 09/08/18,

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Crawley council makes significant commitment to local construction workers, Unite, 08/08/18,

Crawley Council’s commitment to construction workers, Crawley News 24, 08/08/18,

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My Local Brexit – Cllr Peter Lamb, John Howarth MEP Blog, 26/07/18,

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England fans want to erect a Gareth Southgate statue in his hometown, and the council is listening, i News, 10/07/18,

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Statue of England football manager Gareth Southgate could be erected in his home town, The London Economic, 09/07/18,

Council leaders unite to press for more school funding in West Sussex, Mid Sussex Times, 05/06/18,

Opposing the Horsham incinerator, Crawley News 24, 14/06/18,

Panel to be quizzed over incinerator plans, Crawley Observer, 08/06/18,

A voice for Crawley residents concerned about community safety, Crawley News 24, 05/06/18,

Crawley Borough Council appoints two new senior managers, Crawley News 24, 22/05/18,

Cabinet changes at Crawley Borough Council, Crawley Observer, 21/05/18,

Making the railways accountable to the public, Crawley News 24, 21/05/18,

Henry Smith wins Crawley seat, The Argus, 08/05/15,

“We are hugely grateful to the people of Crawley”, Crawley News 24, 04/05/18,

Elections update: Labour holds Crawley, Crawley Observer, 04/05/18,

Crawley local election results, Crawley News 24, 04/05/18,

Just 13 votes mean Labour keep power, The Argus, 04/05/18,

Crawley is voting in Council elections, Crawley News 24, 03/05/18,

Teachers vote to strike, Crawley Observer, 02/05/18,

Thomas Bennett Teachers vote to strike, Crawley News 24, 02/05/18,

Leader’s warning to academy trust, Crawley Observer, 01/05/18,

“People are desperate” says Crawley council leader at packed Thomas Bennett public meeting, Crawley News 24, 27/04/18,

The reality of policing, Crawley News 24, 23/04/18,

‘Are we getting value for our money?’, The Argus, 18/04/18,

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New Council Tax figures reveal Crawley residents pay 37% more than Horsham, Crawley News 24, 29/03/18,

TKAT CEO responds to concerns over Thomas Bennett Community College proposed cuts, Crawley News 24, 28/03/18,

Revealed: how an increasingly powerful Momentum is transforming Labour, The Guardian, 18/03/18,

Residents ask about street sleepers, potholes and health, Crawley Observer, 14/03/18,

Peter Lamb: Crawley has “the second largest pay gap in the UK”, Crawley News 24, 08/03/18,

Crawley’s housing plans move to next stage thanks to Government grant, Crawley News 24, 07/02/18,

Crawley Question Time returns for 2018 bigger and better, Crawley News 24, 06/02/18,

Why we joined the Greater Brighton Economic Board, Crawley News 24, 06/02/18,

Robots could replace fifth of Crawley jobs by 2030, report warns, Crawley Observer, 02/02/18,

Labour Executive Wrong To Meddle, The Times, 28/01/18,

Labour selects general election candidate, Crawley Observer, 25/01/18,

Momentum sustains a string of Labour selection defeats, The Guardian, 24/01/18,

Labout announce Peter Lamb as their parliamentary candidate for Crawley, Crawley News 24, 24/01/18,

Labour’s candidates for general election target seats revealed, BBC News, 19/01/18,

Who have Labour members picked to fight the general election target seats?, LabourList, 18/01/18,

Call for more NHS funding for local health services, Crawley Observer, 08/01/18,

Crawley Council Leader calls on Secretary of State to fund Crawley’s NHS, Crawley News 24, 09/01/18,

Call for more NHS funding for local health services, Crawley Observer, 08/01/18,

Landlord fined after illegally evicting couple from flat, Crawley Observer, 02/01/18,

Landlord fined for illegally evicting Crawley couple, Crawley News 24, 02/01/18,

It’s all about waste, Crawley News 24, 21/12/17,

Local services are doomed to suffer if something isn’t done, Crawley News 24, 13/12/17,

Labour candidate: Return A&E services to Crawley Hospital, Crawley Observer, 13/12/17,

‘Call to action’ as report shows town’s poorer children have fewer chances in life, Crawley Observer, 06/12/17,

Universal Credit, most damaging social policy we’ve faced?, Crawley News 24, 06/12/17,

Report names Mid Sussex as social mobility ‘hotspot’, Mid Sussex Times, 06/12/17,

Labour councillor vying to be town’s parliamentary candidate, Crawley Observer, 30/11/17,

Crawley Council saves family from eviction, Crawley News 24, 29/11/17,

Small Business Saturday this weekend, Crawley News 24, 29/11/17,

Government report says Crawley is amongst worst for education, employment & affordable housing to disadvantaged residents, Crawley News 24, 28/11/17,

This week wasn’t the “People’s Budget”, Crawley News 24, 24/11/17,

More Labour candidates bidding to fight next general election, Crawley Observer, 24/11/17,

Move to ban alcohol from Crawley Labour meetings, Crawley Observer, 23/11/17,

This is when Crawley’s iconic Victorian bandstand will be moved to the Memorial Gardens, Croydon Advertiser, 22/11/17,

Council leader bidding to be Crawley’s next MP, Crawley Observer, 21/11/17,

It’s party time as Crawley turns 70!, Crawley Observer, 21/11/17,

Entries open for British Airways Run Gatwick, Crawley Live, 21/11/17,

Crawley’s Bandstand is coming back!, Crawley News 24, 21/11/17,

Employment Support Service, Crawley Live, 21/11/17,

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All you need to know about the ice rink which is opening in Crawley this week, Croydon Advertiser, 13/11/17,

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Crawley’s historic High Street changed to improve safety, Crawley News 24, 03/11/17,

Crawley Council backs the new British Airways Run Gatwick, Crawley News 24, 02/11/17,

Councils should be transparent and honest with figures, Crawley News 24, 01/11/17,

Historic High Street changes improve safety, Crawley Happy Times, 01/11/17,

Council support for British Airways Run Gatwick, Crawley Happy Times, 01/11/17,

Peace is still worth pursuing in November, Crawley Observer, 31/10/17,

Investing in Sussex growth, South East Business, 30/05/19,

Sussex Opportunities on the Agenda for Willmott Dixon, Insider Media Limited, 28/05/19,

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Evolving to make tolerance part of our DNA, Crawley Observer, 17/10/17,

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Local employment support service is here to help, Crawley Happy Times, 11/10/17,

“Employ Crawley” is here, Crawley News 24, 10/10/17,

A positive welcome for the new Queens Square, Crawley Observer, 09/10/17,

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Decision to switch backing on railway station projects criticised, West Sussex County Times, 04/09/17,

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Children need to eat properly all the time, Crawley Observer, 29/08/17,

Is Crawley getting an Ice Rink for Christmas this year?, Crawley News 24, 25/08/17,

Ice rink planned for Queens Square, Crawley Observer, 24/08/17,

Care system is failing our aging population, Crawley Observer, 22/08/17,

Crawley Council Leader: “Westminster is utterly frantic. It’s trying to run far too much.”, Labour Vision, 17/08/17,

Crawley Council Leader: “Westminster is utterly frantic. It’s trying to run far too much.”, English Labour Network, 14/08/17,

Residents ‘strongly support’ Town Hall site redevelopment, Crawley Observer, 11/08/17,

Jeremy Corbyn visits Crawley in tour of marginal seats, Crawley Observer, 07/08/17,

Colleges merge to form largest college group in Sussex, The District Post, 03/08/17,

COUNTY NEWS: Colleges merge to form largest college group in Sussex, Worthing Herald, 02/08/17,

Central Sussex College merges with Chichester College, Crawley Observer, 02/08/17,

Central Sussex College formally merges with Chichester College, Crawley News 24, 01/08/17,

Taking the heat out of energy problems, Crawley Observer, 01/08/17,

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We are the best place for a stroke unit, Crawley Observer, 18/07/17,

Proposal for 79 more parking spaces at K2 Crawley, Crawley Observer, 11/07/17,

Public services are meant to be for all of us, Crawley Observer, 10/07/17,

Dog poo bins in ‘disgusting state’, Crawley Observer, 05/07/17,

We’ve been DUPed over ‘Strong and Stable’ May, Crawley Observer, 04/07/17,

Have your say on town centre redevelopment, Crawley News 24, 03/07/17,

Portrait to honour long-serving councillor Bert, Crawley Observer, 03/07/17,

Town high-rises are safe, says council in wake of Grenfell fire, Crawley Observer, 28/06/17,

London police raise Grenfell fire toll to 80, Leicester Post, 28/06/17,


United Kingdom high-rise fire: 120 towers fail safety tests, HoyenTV, 28/06/17,


“Unacceptable” how schools engaged in political party messaging says MP Henry Smith, Crawley News 24, 27/06/17,

Crawley Councillors are kicking up a stink over dog poo, Crawley News 24, 26/06/17,

Chaos in the UK is not a proving a pretty sight, Crawley Observer, 26/06/17,

Residents reassured over high-rise safety by the Council, Crawley News 24, 26/06/17,


Steps to prevent a major tower fire in Crawley, Crawley Observer, 19/06/17,

Parades and live music on Armed Forces Day, Crawley Observer, 13/06/17,

General Election 2017: Live results service as Sussex cast their votes, The Argus, 09/06/20,

Henry Smith accuses Crawley Council of delaying Museum move, Crawley News 24, 07/06/17,

‘Crawley stands united with the people of Manchester’, Crawley Observer, 23/05/17,

Democracy isn’t a game of Follow My Leader, Crawley Observer, 16/05/17,

Labour & Lib Dems furious over UKIPS support for Conservatives in Crawley, Crawley News 24, 08/05/17,

Labour councillor to challenge Crawley’s Tory MP, Crawley Observer, 01/05/17,

Suspending rubbish tip charges a ‘farcical U-turn’, Crawley Observer, 20/04/17,

Crawley MP welcomes snap general election, Crawley Observer, 18/04/17,

Crawley county council election candidates revealed, Crawley Observer, 06/04/17,

New chief executive of council appointed, Crawley Observer, 29/03/17,

New Chief Executive for Crawley Borough Council, Crawley News 24, 16/03/17,

Crawley names first female chief executive, The MJ, 15/03/17,

Crawley Borough Council appoints new Chief Executive, Crawley News 24, 28/03/17,

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Only a few seats left at Crawley Question Time 2017, Crawley Happy Times, 23/02/17,

HURRY! Only a few seats left at Crawley Question Time 2017, Crawley News 24, 23/02/17,

Crawley Council’s budget agreed, Crawley Happy Times, 23/02/17,

Bid to reintroduce free winter admission to Tilgate Nature Centre defeated, Crawley Observer, 23/02/17,

Council leader backs Cancer Research campaign, Crawley News 24, 13/02/17,

Sign up now for Crawley Question Time 2017, Crawley Happy Times, 08/02/17,

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Crawley Borough Council save thousands thanks to their Fraud Team, Crawley News 24, 03/01/17,

District deal in West Sussex and Crawley aims to drive economic growth, Crawley News 24, 03/01/17,

Council fraud team saves more than £700k, Crawley Observer, 03/01/17,

Growth deal to push for major regeneration for Crawley, Crawley Observer, 23/12/16,

Theresa May ‘has power to end Southern dispute tonight’, Crawley Observer, 12/12/16,

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Call for action to improve youth participation in politics, Crawley Observer, 7/11/16,

Crawley MP outraged at council rail strike vote, Crawley Observer, 24/10/16,

Tilgate Park could become wedding venue but Segways plan has been scrapped, Crawley News, 27/09/16,

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Crawley taxi firm owner fined for using drivers and vehicles not licensed in town, Crawley News, 16/05/16,

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Jeremy Corbyn attacked by backbench MPs over local election results – and warned “the clock is ticking”, The Mirror, 06/05/16,

Council’s Labour leader calls for party media chief to be sacked, Crawley Observer, 06/05/16,

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Council leader relieved to still be in charge as Labour are ‘only just starting to make a mark’, Crawley News, 06/05/16,

Voting shambles in Barnet as Britain goes to the polls, The Guardian, 05/05/16,

50 Crawley council houses to be part of new Copthorne Village West development, 05/05/16,

Jeremy Corbyn’s aide clarifies earlier remarks about local elections, 04/05/16,

Leader keeps his distance from local campaigns, The Times, 30/04/16,

County council “dithering” means £1.1 million which should have been spent in Crawley has been lost, Crawley News, 21/04/16,

Governing Britain: It’s all about the person, not some hypothetical ideal, Progress, 19/04/16,

County council officially confirms new chief executive on £190,000 a year salary, Crawley Observer, 19/04/16,

Tilgate parkrun organiser delighted council doesn’t support charging and hails positive relationship, Crawley News, 14/04/16,

Council leader will never support charges at Tilgate parkrun, Crawley News, 13/04/16,

Crawley begging fines ‘should be looked at’, says Tory leader, Crawley Observer, 11/04/16,

Grieving Crawley woman’s eviction due to lack of council homes, says leader, Crawley Observer, 31/03/16,

‘Barely human’ disability benefit changes to affect 764 Crawley homes, council leader says, Crawley Observer, 21/03/16,


Councillor “unimpressed” to find “no action proposed” to tackle flood-prone areas of Crawley, Crawley News, 13/03/16,

Immigration blamed for Crawley’s housing shortage by Tory leader, Crawley Observer, 09/03/16,

Conservative leader says immigration is main reason for lack of housing in Crawley, Crawley News, 09/03/16,

Question Time coming to Crawley – but there’s no BBC cameras this time, Crawley News, 05/03/16,

‘No action proposed’ to tackle future flooding in Three Bridges, Crawley Observer, 04/03/16,

£119m plan for 1,000 affordable homes, Crawley Observer, 02/03/16,

Anything bothering you about life in Crawley? Attend debate next week and you can question those in charge, Crawley News, 01/03/16,

Crawley council to spend £119m on affordable housing and council
homes, Crawley Observer, 29/02/16,

Lack of housing concerns after Crawley named fast-selling homes
hotspot, Crawley Observer, 29/02/16,

West Sussex roads in ‘crisis’ and a ‘Third World-type disgrace’, Crawley Observer, 22/02/16,

Figures show Crawley still plagued by potholes with Northgate worst affected neighbourhood, Crawley News, 09/02/16,

Hundreds of elderly and disabled people in Crawley could be made homeless due to new Government rule, Crawley News, 07/02/16,

Review of children and family centres ‘sends out warning bells’ – Labour, Chichester Observer, 05/02/16,

Anything bugging you in Crawley? Public debate to be held to discuss town’s key issues, Crawley News, 07/02/16,

Council wants to bring Segways to Tilgate Park and buy more buildings, Crawley News, 03/02/16,

Quiz Crawley’s decision makers at Question Time, Crawley Observer, 28/01/16,

Political row over Government minister’s visit to Crawley, Crawley News, 16/01/16,

Number of rats being found in Crawley homes is on the increase, Crawley News, 16/01/16,

Langley Green benefit cheats avoid jail after doctoring bank statements, Crawley News, 16/01/16,

Couple doctored bank statements to hide their earnings while claiming benefits, Crawley Observer, 15/01/16,

First council tax rise in six years in on the table, says leader, Crawley Observer, 09/01/16,

Plea for Labour and Conservative politicians to work together to stop Crawley homes flooding, Crawley News, 08/01/16,

Crawley commuters hit by ‘eye-watering’ rail fare increase, Crawley Observer, 07/01/16,

Council to spend almost £2 million to stop Crawley homes flooding, Crawley News, 07/01/16,

‘Disgust’ as flats opposite Crawley Leisure Park are approved, West Sussex Gazette, 05/01/15,

More than 100 apprenticeships on offer at job fair, Crawley Happy Times, 04/01/16,

Grass verge parking ‘visually blighting’ to communities, Worthing Herald, 04/01/16,

Government minister visits new Crawley neighbourhood, Crawley Observer, 04/01/16,

More than 100 jobs on offer at Crawley fair, Crawley Observer, 04/01/16,

After NCP slashes cost of parking in Crawley, council doesn’t look likely to do the same, Crawley News, 26/12/15,

‘No reason’ to give cabinet members special rights at planning meetings, Crawley Observer, 21/12/15,

Council leader does not expect decision on Gatwick or Heathrow expansion before 2020, Crawley Observer, 18/12/15,

Adopted local plan will allow council to ‘protect’ Crawley, Crawley Observer, 08/12/15,

Clash over council’s new ethical investment policy, Crawley Observer, 07/12/15,

Jeremy Corbyn visits Crawley pre-school and sings Incy Wincy Spider, Crawley News, 11/11/15,

Jeremy Corbyn sings Incy Wincy Spider with pre-school children, The Telegraph, 11/11/15,

Jeremy Corbyn goes to pre-school in Crawley, ITV News, 11/11/15,

Stabbings raise ‘serious questions’ over Crawley policing, Crawley Observer, 09/11/15,

County council ‘saddled’ with £700m PFI debts, Crawley Observer, 06/11/15,

Tories and Labour reach consensus over council committee appointments, Crawley Observer, 22/10/15,

Council may offer up piece of land for free to build new fire station for Crawley, Crawley News, 21/10/15,

Concerns over £75m borrowing limit in council’s investment plans, Crawley Observer, 21/10/15,

New Fire Station for Crawley is long overdue and should be built – Labour councillors have argued, Crawley Observer, 15/10/15,

27 stalls and 3 food vans planned for Crawley town centre’s new market, Crawley News, 12/10/15,

Gossops Green man who owed £3,000 in council tax sentenced for forging receipts, Crawley News, 29/09/15,

Crawley man pleads guilty to forging council tax receipts, Crawley Observer, 29/09/15,

How many meetings your councillors are missing, Crawley News, 26/09/15,

Ask us before turning a school into an academy, say 97% of parents, The Guardian, 22/09/15,

Crawley Borough Council to use taxpayers’ money to buy 86 flats in bid to ease town’s housing crisis, Crawley News, 19/09/15,

Concerns over any future outsourcing at county council, Crawley Observer, 14/09/15,

Crawley “will do its part” to help Syrian refugees but will depend on individuals and property owners – council leader, Crawley News, 13/09/15,

Disgraceful suggestion from MP, Crawley Observer, 12/09/15,

Crawley Borough Council to buy 86 affordable homes, Crawley Observer, 09/09/15,

Cover Story, Manor Royal News, 01/09/15,

Crawley’s Labour party chooses who to back in leadership election, Crawley News, 31/08/15,

David Cameron urged to reverse tax-credits cuts by Crawley council leader, Crawley Observer, 25/08/15,

Men’s Shed project will see OAPs help Crawley, says reader, Crawley Observer, 19/08/15,

Crawley council homelessness and agency staff spending revealed, Crawley Observer, 05/08/15,

Calls for Crawley to leave West Sussex County Council as it is revealed £1.1 million was lost due to poor management, Crawley News, 03/08/15,

Crawley’s council to call on Government to launch public inquiry after death of British Airways cabin crew member, Crawley News, 01/08/15,

Crawley council to launch ‘Men’s Shed’ project, Crawley Observer, 31/07/15,

Conservative councillor calls Labour rival who was “getting on his nerves” a “t**t” during debate, Crawley News, 29/07/15,


Heated row at Crawley Town Hall over tax credits motion, Crawley Observer, 24/07/15,

Crawley gets its first Dementia Ambassador, Crawley Observer, 20/07/15,

Debt charity urges Crawley residents to seek financial support or risk court action, Crawley News, 19/07/15,

Crawley town centre to receive support from major UK brands, BDaily, 17/07/15,

Crawley taxi drivers’ concerns over new regulations, West Sussex Gazette, 13/07/15,

Crawley taxi drivers’ concerns over new regulations, Crawley Observer, 13/07/15,

Burnham has a plan for the biggest shift from Westminster to councils in a generation, LabourList, 10/07/15,

Funding for Broadfield Barton improvements ‘shows belief it can be reborn’, Crawley Observer, 09/07/15,

Gatwick Airport: Crawley council leader ‘expected’ Heathrow recommendation, Crawley Observer, 01/07/15,

Crawley council and businesses call for quick decision on Gatwick Airport, Crawley Observer, 01/07/15,

How much your councillor was paid last year as top earner rakes in £42k, Crawley News, 27/06/15,

Crawley Labour councillors speak out on national leadership contest, Crawley News, 27/06/15,

Bid to stub out smoking in Queens Square and Memorial Gardens, Crawley, Crawley Observer, 24/06/15,

Former Oriel High Pupil named Crawley’s new youth mayor, Crawley News, 21/06/15,

Changes to parking restrictions in Pound Hill agreed, Crawley Observer, 19/06/15,

Free parking stopped outside Crawley Post Office due to congestion worries, Crawley News, 04/06/15,

Crawley Council to buy affordable homes on development site, Crawley Happy Times, 04/06/15,

Apprenticeship Job Fair returns, Crawley Happy Times, 04/06/15,

Row over committee appointments at Crawley Borough Council, Crawley Observer, 04/06/15,

Second runway at Gatwick could affect air quality of 20,000 Crawley properties, West Sussex Gazette, 29/05/15,

Second runway at Gatwick could affect air quality of 20,000 Crawley properties, Crawley Observer, 29/05/15,

Proposals to lower voting age to 16 opposed by county councillors, Bognor Regis Observer, 28/05/15,

Two Crawley women sentenced for benefit fraud, Crawley Observer, 28/05/15,

Proposals to lower voting age to 16 opposed by county councillors, Crawley Observer, 28/05/15,

Proposals to lower voting age to 16 opposed by county councillors, Mid Sussex Times, 28/05/15

Women fined after admitting benefit fraud by wrongly claiming partners weren’t living with them, Crawley News, 27/05/15,

Council leader appoints two new cabinet members, West Sussex Gazette, 23/05/15,

Council leader appoints two new cabinet members, Crawley Observer, 23/05/15,

Crawley council leader questions county’s devolution ambitions, West Sussex Gazette, 22/05/15,

Man falsely claimed he had no savings to get benefits admits fraud and ordered to pay back £22,000, Crawley News, 21/05/15,

Crawley benefit cheat who claimed £22,000 sentenced to 150 hours unpaid work, Crawley Observer, 21/05/15,

Crawley Labour leader’s verdict on general and local elections – “we got hammered”, Crawley News, 14/05/15,

Leader of Crawley Labour Party to hold tea and cake events to engage with voters, Crawley Observer, 13/05/15,

Henry Smith wins Crawley seat, The Argus, 08/05/15,

Election 2015: Sussex results as they are announced, The Argus, 07/05/15,

REVEALED: Who is standing to be a councillor in May’s elections where you live, Crawley News, 24/04/15,

Gatwick Airport oil find could make Crawley a lot richer, Crawley News, 18/04/15,

K2 Crawley leisure centre set to get bigger gym and extra climbing wall, Crawley News, 18/04/15,

Ice rink set to be opened in Tilgate Park this winter, Crawley News, 17/04/15,

Veterans set to get more council help, Littlehampton Gazette, 09/04/15,

Stationery suppliers Staples to close its store at County Oak Retail Park, Crawley News, 08/04/15,

Staples to close its County Oak store, Crawley Observer, 07/04/15,

Traders and businesses call on council to provide more free parking in Crawley town centre, Crawley News, 07/04/15,

First Forge Wood homes are nearing completion, Crawley Observer, 29/03/15,

10 big ideas for Crawley which never quite happened, Crawley News, 29/03/15,

The Crawley councillors who miss the most meetings, Crawley News, 23/03/15,

Crawley benefit cheat fined, Crawley Observer, 20/03/15,

Crawley MP hopefuls to speak at meeting, Crawley Observer, 19/03/15,

Crawley benefit fraudster sentenced, Crawley Observer, 13/03/15,

Broadfield benefit cheat caught after keeping husband’s job a secret, Crawley News, 13/03/15,

Millpond renovation £500k under budget, Crawley Observer, 08/03/15,

Crawley’s 4 adventure playgrounds saved from closure – but almost every piece of play equipment will be replaced, Crawley News, 07/03/15,

Crawley benefit cheat claimed £24k, Crawley Observer, 02/03/15,

The town with two hearts – one of which is slowly breaking, Crawley Observer, 27/02/15,

Crawley council freezes its share of council tax, Crawley Observer, 26/02/15,

Plans to built 171 homes and hotel in Crawley town centre, Crawley Observer, 24/02/15,

Council tax freeze to go before Crawley council, Crawley Observer, 22/02/15,

Labour candidate to be town’s next MP to step down from council, Crawley News, 20/02/15,

Crawley Parliamentary candidate won’t stand for re-election to council, Crawley Observer, 19/02/15,

Church group feeding homeless Crawley people outraged at having to move out to make way for museum, Crawley News, 15/02/15,

Disappointed over Crawley Question Time, Crawley Observer, 15/02/15,

Council hoping to open ice rink in Crawley this Christmas, Crawley News, 12/02/15,

Queens Square revamp defended, Crawley Observer, 11/02/15,

‘Flagship’ plan to improve station nearing approval, Crawley Observer, 11/02/15,

Flag flown at half mast in honour of Bert Crane, Crawley Observer, 11/02/15,

Crawley councillors pay tribute to longest-serving politician in town’s history following death, Crawley News, 11/02/15,

Police test new powers to stop anti-social behaviour, Crawley Observer, 11/02/15,

Council tax precept freeze set to be agreed, Crawley Observer, 11/02/15,

Volunteers to make way for museum, Crawley Observer, 11/02/15,

Health, policing and trade on the agenda at Crawley Question Time, Crawley Observer, 06/02/15,

Surveys suggest Crawley residents wanted councillors to back second runway at Gatwick Airport, Crawley News, 31/01/15,

How your Crawley councillor voted on Gatwick second runway bid, Crawley Observer, 28/01/15,

Planned Crawley council tax freeze to be decided, Crawley Observer, 27/01/15,

Council votes ‘no’ on second runway at Gatwick Airport, Crawley Observer, 27/01/15,

Crawley Borough Council votes to oppose second runway at Gatwick, Crawley Observer, 26/01/15,

Public invited to debate between Crawley politicians and police and health chiefs, Crawley News, 26/01/15,

Majority of Crawley residents want a second runway at Gatwick Airport, huge survey suggests, Crawley News, 23/01/15,

Registrations to attend Crawley Question Time open, Crawley Observer, 21/01/15,

Crawley benefit cheat claimed £5,000 while working as a taxi driver, Crawley Observer, 19/01/15,

Work and training on offer at Crawley jobs fair, Crawley Observer, 17/01/15,

Apprenticeship jobs fair to be held in Crawley, Crawley Observer, 13/01/15,

High price of getting to work, Crawley Observer, 10/01/15,

Apprenticeship Job Fair returns, Crawley Happy Times, 10/01/15,

Crawley house price rise third highest in UK, Crawley Observer, 08/01/15,

Council to decide on whether to remain at outdated Town Hall, Crawley News, 06/01/15,

2014 REVIEW OF THE YEAR: The biggest stories of the year in Crawley in April, May and June, Crawley News, 02/01/15,

29 Crawley Borough Council staff made redundant to save taxpayers £1 million a year, Crawley News, 29/12/14,

Council to cut £68m from budget, Crawley Observer, 28/12/14,

Council pays out £694k redundancy cash to axed staff, Crawley Observer, 27/12/14,

Listening to the words of carols, Crawley Observer, 27/12/14,

Gamblers at Crawley betting shops lose £3.6 million in one year, Crawley News, 23/12/14,

Shying away from the key point, Crawley Observer, 20/12/14,

Tories called ‘Scrooges’ in foodbank row, West Sussex County Times, 19/12/14,

West Sussex Tory ‘Tea Party’ slammed in budget debate, West Sussex County Times, 18/12/14,

Services face axe as council seeks £53m budget cut, The Argus, 15/12/14,

£300,000 of Crawley parking fines simply haven’t been paid, Crawley News, 15/12/14,

Council spent £3,000 on fireworks and money on a rollerskating bauble for extravagant Christmas lights ceremony, Crawley News, 13/12/14,

Search for new cemetery site almost at an end, Crawley Observer, 11/12/14,

Determined to find ways of increasing income, Crawley Observer, 06/12/14,

Crawley council defends £17,000 Christmas lights switch-on, BBC News, 05/12/14,

Council leader defends spending almost £17,000 on Crawley Christmas lights switch on, Crawley News, 04/12/14,

Council pays for 11 funerals for Crawley residents, Crawley News, 02/12/14,

Crawley Question Time 2015, Crawley Live, 01/12/14,

Council leaders of all parties plead for no more cuts, The Guardian, 30/11/14,

Crawley Conservatives refuse to join fairness panel – because they feel they’ve been treated unfairly, Crawley News, 22/11/14,

Crawley ‘endures one of UK’s largest falls in pay’, Crawley Observer, 22/11/14, Crawley ‘endures one of UK’s largest falls in pay’

New town with 10,000 homes set to be built south of Crawley, Crawley News, 20/11/14,

Council pays for employee to take driving lessons as it was cheaper than making them redundant after changing contract, Crawley News, 17/11/14,

More needed to be done for former soldiers, Crawley Observer, 15/11/14,

Firms encouraged to adopt Living Wage, Crawley Observer, 14/11/14,

Making people aware of Living Wage, Crawley Observer, 08/11/14,

‘Perfect storm’ warning over town’s stretched health services, Crawley Observer, 06/11/14,

Companies encouraged to pay staff the Living Wage, Crawley Observer, 06/11/14,

Suspended sentence for benefits cheat, Crawley Observer, 27/10/14,

Call on bosses to pay Living Wage, Crawley Observer, 26/10/14,

Meeting the housing needs, Crawley Observer, 25/10/14,

County takes middle ground over fracking, Crawley Observer, 23/10/14,

Support for Labour in Southgate, Crawley Observer, 18/10/14,

Local care has greatest impact on Crawley, Crawley Observer, 11/10/14,

Only Labour will give the English a voice, Progress, 22/09/14,

Ely Close residents celebrate victory over developers with Champagne, Crawley News, 19/09/14,

Concern over cycle path and road junction changes, Crawley Observer, 17/09/14,

Greatest challenges in Crawley, Crawley Observer, 17/09/14,

Close contest in Scotland, Crawley Observer, 13/09/14,

Men sentenced over benefits fraud totalling more than £20,000, Crawley Observer, 03/09/14,

How will you fund giveaways?, Crawley Observer, 31/08/14,

Happy Crawley pupils’ faces, Crawley Observer, 30/08/14,

Why is it always Crawley?, Crawley Observer, 17/08/14,

Two issues have more impact than any others, Crawley Observer, 16/08/14,

Development of 500 homes east of Crawley is given approval, Crawley Observer, 11/08/14,

There’s a limit to how efficient we can be, Crawley Observer, 09/08/14,

Planned parade improvements over budget by more than £65k, Crawley Observer, 07/08/14,

Council offers possible lifeline after LaserHub’s sudden closure, Crawley News, 31/07/14,

Care home housing plan is scrapped, Crawley Observer, 30/07/14,

We will not tolerate yobbishness in town, Crawley Observer, 02/08/14,

Council approves controversial travellers’ site in Broadfield, Crawley News, 01/08/14,

Care home housing plan is scrapped, Crawley Observer, 30/07/14,

Planning – making the best of a bad lot, Crawley Observer, 26/07/14,


Henry, let’s meet up and talk town issues, Crawley Observer, 19/07/14,

Crawley MP criticises council in House of Commons over Local Plan ‘prevarication’, Crawley Observer, 17/07/14,

Council to spend three years attempting to plug £1.1 million hole in budget, Crawley Observer, 16/07/14,

MP slams council’s lack of vision after plans to revamp Crawley town centre are scrapped, Crawley News, 12/07/14,

Council rejects plea to buy building which was home to West Green doctors’ surgery, Crawley News, 08/07/14,

Crawley MP accuses council of putting jobs at risk, Crawley Observer, 01/07/14,

Crawley council to have another go at agreeing plan for town’s future, Crawley Observer, 25/06/14,

Three Bridges households suffering parking misery as holidaymakers, commuters and office workers clog roads, Crawley News, 23/06/14,

Council insists £125,000 spent on scrapped Crawley town centre regeneration project wasn’t wasted, Crawley News, 23/06/14,

Crawley’s new council accused of not being interested in views of anyone who didn’t vote Labour, Crawley News, 21/06/14,

Crawley councillors to hold Street Surgery, Crawley Observer, 19/06/14,

Labour vow not to evict anyone if they fall into rent arrears because of Bedroom Tax, Crawley News, 15/06/14,

A job, a home and a stronger community, Crawley Observer, 14/06/14,

Labour reveal their 10 priorities now they are in charge of Crawley Borough Council, Crawley News, 08/06/14,

Use Crawley town market or you could lose it, Crawley Observer, 08/06/14,

Crawley councillors defend allowances as unpopular but necessary, Crawley Observer, 06/06/14,

Skater says “dangerous” Crawley skate park is too small, Crawley Observer, 05/06/14,

Crawley Labour names new Cabinet, Crawley Observer, 05/06/14,

£200 million plan to regenerate Crawley Town centre is scrapped, Crawley News, 05/06/14,

Crawley’s new mayor existed by prospect of taking on job 24 years after last wearing the chain, Crawley News, 04/06/14,

Crawley Labour pick former leader as mayor and announce new cabinet to run council, Crawley News, 28/05/14,

Old hand will be Crawley’s new mayor, Crawley Observer, 28/05/14,

Labour celebrates after gains in local elections, The Argus, 24/05/14,

Labour wins Crawley Council from Conservatives, BBC News, 23/05/14,

Labour take Crawley with youngest leader, ITV News, 23/05/14,

Crawley Borough Council local election results, Crawley News, 23/05/14,

Labour celebrate Crawley win, ITV News, 23/05/14,

Crawley Tories vow to be “positive opposition”, Crawley Observer, 23/05/14,

Labour takes Crawley and Amber Valley, ITV News, 23/05/14,

Crawley candidates cautiously optimistic, Crawley Observer, 22/05/14,

Battle lines are drawn for Crawley elections, Crawley Observer, 25/04/14,

Crawley council leader abandons Southgate – to try and win safer seat in Pound Hill, Crawley News, 25/04/14,

Crawley Borough Council publishes nominees for May elections, Crawley Observer, 25/04/14,

Crawley Borough Council publishes nominees for May elections, Crawley Observer, 25/04/14,

Campaigners get chance to prevent houses being built on Tilgate playing field, Crawley News, 07/04/14,

Short-term budgets are no longer enough, Crawley Observer, 29/03/14,

Crawley Borough Council spends £4,000 of your money translating documents for residents who don’t speak English, Crawley News, 24/03/14,

Letter: ‘Desperation from Crawley MP’, Crawley Observer, 22/03/14,

Top 10 performance for Crawley’s economic growth, Crawley Observer, 19/03/14,

Councillor with the worst attendance says planning meetings were ‘pointless’, Crawley News, 19/03/14,

The Crawley councillors with the worst and best attendance records, Crawley News, 17/03/14,

Hazelwick Student Voice, Spring 2014,

Labour and Conservative failure to agree on Crawley Local Plan leaving town vulnerable to new housing developments, Crawley News, 13/03/14,

Crawley Borough Council agrees £70 million spending spree and council tax freeze, Crawley News, 10/03/14,

Council committee members trapped in library and staff went home, The Argus, 08/03/14,

Crawley Conservative leader refuses to deny he could switch to an easier seat at election, Crawley News, 06/03/14,

Crawley Council is Living Wage accredited, Crawley Happy Times, 06/03/14,

We will be voting to freeze Council Tax, Crawley Observer, 17/02/14,

Millions to be spent on Queens Square – but Pavilion will stay, Crawley Observer, 12/02/14,

Verges and elections at forum AGM, Crawley Observer, 12/02/14,

Flooding blamed on blocked gullys, Crawley Observer, 11/02/14,

Police chief reports drop in most crime, Crawley Observer, 11/02/14,

Three Bridges AGM, Crawley Happy Times, 11/02/14,

Approval given for John Lewis to open new store in Horsham – “ending hopes of retailer coming to Crawley”, Crawley Observer, 06/02/14,

Crime, flooding and Gatwick top debate at Crawley Question Time, Crawley News, 05/02/14,

Up to 183 people in Crawley “could have lost homes” after benefits were wrongly cut, Crawley News, 28/01/2014,

Sign up for Crawley Question Time 2014, Crawley Happy Times, 09/01/14,

Addressing the Bedroom Tax (Labour Column), Crawley Observer, 28/11/2013,

Bid to get people on housing ladder welcomed, Crawley Observer, 27/11/2013,

We need a new sense of purpose and vision (Labour Column), Crawley Observer, 23/11/2013,

Remember the Fallen and the price of war (Labour Column), Crawley Observer, 10/11/2013,

Re-name as council’s housing blueprint is delayed a year, Crawley Observer, 05/11/2013,

Council’s second refusal to call for removal of ‘bedroom tax’, Crawley Observer, 03/11/2013,

We must address the Cost of Living, Crawley Observer, 02/11/2013,

Fresh attempt to scrap bedroom tax in Crawley fails, Crawley News, 30/10/2013,

Too much of town’s fabric left to decay (Labour Column), Crawley Observer, 26/10/2013,

County councillors vote to increase own allowances, Crawley News, 24/10/2013,

Businesses urged to sign up to Living Wage, Crawley Observer, 22/10/2013,

Taxes for the many – cuts for wealthy few, Crawley Observer, 19/10/2013,

Increase in county councillors’ allowances ‘stinks’, West Sussex County Times, 18/10/2013,

Crawley council challenged on council tax for single parents, Crawley News, 15/10/2013,

West Green meeting to discuss need for GP surgery, Crawley News, 11/10/2013,

Government has put us back in recession (Labour Column), Crawley Observer, 10/10/2013,

New council leader had “shortest honeymoon” ever, Crawley News, 03/10/2013,

Council votes to neigher support or oppose 2nd Gatwick runway, Crawley News, 26/09/2013,

Building a council fit for the future (Labour Column), Crawley Observer, 17/09/2013,

Tories attacked for delaying cemetery and travellers’ site decision, Crawley News, 06/09/2013,

Fears parts of Manor Royal could become housing estate, Crawley News, 06/09/2013,

REVEALED: How many meetings your local councillor attended, Crawley News, 31/08/2013,

UKIP councillor will not step down for by-election, Crawley Observer, 23/08/2013,

Bob Lanzer resigns as leader of Crawley Borough Council, BBC News, 09/08/2013,

Opposition claim Crawley council in “chaos” after resignation of leader, The Argus, 09/08/2013,

Labour leader worried Crawley will suffer due to council leader resigning, Crawley News, 08/08/2013,

UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s delight at 3 Crawley Tories defecting, Crawley News, 01/08/2013,

Eight councillors get on their bikes, Crawley Observer, 31/07/2013,

“Civil war” among Crawley Conservatives bad for town, says Labour leader, Crawley News, 30/07/2013,

Tory leaders in Crawley in UKIP defection, The Argus, 30/07/2013,

Time to help people tackle cost of living (Labour Column), Crawley Observer, 29/07/2013,

Crawley councillors’ surprise as opposition to airport expansion is jettisoned, Crawley Observer, 22/07/2013,

Labour councillors unhappy with Tory Living Wage plans, Crawley News, 21/07/2013,

Putting citizens back at heart of the work (Labour Column), Crawley Observer, 20/07/2013,

Crawley Tory chairman denies bullying claim, Crawley News, 05/07/2013,

Labour reveals Crawley Borough Council shadow cabinet, Crawley News, 09/06/2013,

Crawley Labour lines up its shadow Cabinet, Crawley Observer, 03/06/2013,

Councillor confirms MP ambitions, Crawley Observer, 27/05/2013,

Crisis won’t be solved by cutting safety net (Labour Column), Crawley Observer, 25/05/2013,

Crawley Labour leader Peter Lamb survives leadership challenge, Crawley News, 21/05/2013,

Crawley county council voter thanks, Crawley Observer, 20/05/2013,

Working together to solve parking issues (Labour Column), Crawley Observer, 18/05/2013,

All the fun of the Northgate May Fayre, Crawley Observer, 18/05/2013,

Labour Party elects leader for a second year, Crawley Observer, 16/05/2013,

Bedroom tax protest at town hall, Crawley Observer, 14/05/2013,

Bedroom Tax ‘suicide’: Protesters moved by Stephanie Bottrill tragedy demand abolition of much-hated charge, Daily Mirror, 13/05/2013,

Analysis of last week’s West Sussex County Council election results, Crawley News, 08/05/2013,

A week of politics in Crawley, Crawley News, 07/05/2013,

Full and detailed results of West Sussex elections, Crawley Observer, 04/05/2013,

LIVE: East and West County Council elections results and analysis, The Argus, 03/05/2013,

LIVE: West Sussex County Council election results, Crawley News, 03/05/2013,

Elections: Results in full, Crawley Observer, 03/05/2013,

ELECTIONS: Labour thrilled over county gains, Crawley Observer, 03/05/2013,

ELECTIONS: The results are in – Labour wins six out of nine, Crawley Observer, 03/05/2013,

Tories hold on to West Sussex – but UKIP now main oppositio, Crawley Observer, 03/05/2013,

Elections: Results in full, West Sussex County Times, 03/05/2013,

Tories hold on to West Sussex – but UKIP now main opposition, West Sussex County Times, 03/05/2013,

ELECTIONS: The results are in – Labour wins six out of nine, West Sussex County Times, 03/05/2013,

ELECTIONS: Labour thrilled over county gains, West Sussex County Times, 03/05/2013,

ELECTIONS: Nine seats up for grabs in Crawley, Crawley Observer, 02/05/2013,

County elections: More than 300 candidates across the county, Crawley Observer, 10/04/2013,

Crawley candidates announced for county elections, Crawley Observer, 09/04/2013,

Coronavirus: Sussex pub landlords issued lockdown warning, The Argus, 03/04/20,

UKIP to field 9 candidates in local elections, Crawley Observer, 03/04/2013,

Coronavirus live updates, reports and advice from lockdown, The Argus, 03/04/20,

County council election date revealed, Crawley Observer, 28/03/2013,

Sussex Police loses more than 100 officers in a year, says government report, Crawley Observer, 15/03/2013,

Councillor backs preserving pubs in Crawley as “Community Assets”, Crawley Happy Times, 15/03/13,

Crawley council tax freeze agreed at meeting, Crawley News, 06/03/2013,

Crawley meeting adjourned over heckling, Crawley News, 06/03/2013,

Fire cuts could not have come at a worse time (Labour Column), Crawley Observer, 23/02/2013,

Renaming Gatwick airport ‘utter nonsense,’ says MP, Crawley Observer, 20/02/2013,

Concerns raised at debate over over ‘damaging’ bedroom tax, Crawley Observer, 16/02/2013,

Council tax freeze for third year in row, Crawley Observer, 15/02/2013,

Relief for residents as Northgate doctor’s surgery is to stay open, Crawley News, 12/02/2013,

Plans to bring John Lewis to Crawley are on the brink of collapse, Crawley News, 06/02/2013,

Burton and Dorothy Perkins to close Crawley stores this weekend, Crawley News, 29/01/2013,

Crawley Borough Council spends £60k on temps in just six weeks, Crawley News, 28/01/2013,

Councillors set to debate tenancy policy, Crawley Observer, 25/01/2013,

MP defends decision to employ unpaid interns, Crawley Observer, 17/01/2013,

Crawley council to look into town’s verge-parking issue, Crawley News, 09/01/2013,

Challenge to build a town fit for the future (Labour Column), Crawley Observer, 03/01/2013,

Council’s hands tied over benefit cuts, Crawley Observer, 25/12/2012,

Sharp rise in number of homeless families, Crawley Observer, 18/12/2012,

Brighton Greens criticised by Crawley Labour councillor over housing, Crawley News, 10/12/2012,

Green council under fire over housing bid, Crawley Observer, 10/12/2012,

Crawley in Premier League of business, Crawley Observer, 08/12/2012,

Mayor’s ball cancelled due to cost and lack of interest, Crawley Observer, 07/12/2012,

Petition urges MP to support gay marriage, Crawley Observer, 05/12/2012,

Tory’s comments on single mums labelled ‘bigotry’, Crawley News, 05/11/2012,

MP raises train fare hike concerns with government, Crawley Observer, 05/11/2012,

Crawley Borough Council tenants will have to prove they still need council house, Crawley News, 31/10/2012,

Judicial review is sought over Crawley’s Worth Park, Crawley News, 31/10/2012,

Council concern over new benefit cuts, Crawley Observer, 25/10/2012,

A warning – don’t be young, old or get (Labour Column), Crawley Observer, 18/10/2012,

Homeless plan ‘has terrified’ Crawley council tenants, Crawley News, 02/10/2012,

£2.6k ‘waste’ over Crawley Olympic decorations, Crawley News, 12/09/2012,

Mixed news for jobless totals, Crawley Observer, 29/07/2012,

Crawley’s population growth ‘not hurting town’, Crawley News, 25/07/2012,

Olympics is a great opportunity to regain our national self-confidence (Labour Column), Crawley Observer, 25/07/2012,

Crawley Borough Council admits pavilion project lacked leadership, Crawley News, 17/07/2012,

Council has shed 126 jobs in just two years, Crawley News, 11/07/2012,

Anger at Crawley Borough Council £1,500 Olympic torch map bill, Crawley News, 04/07/2012,

Council spends £549k on temporary housing, Crawley Observer, 02/07/2012,

Big difference in repossession rates revealed for Sussex, The Argus, 28/06/12,

Town fails to get share of £1m high street cash, Crawley Observer, 31/05/2012,

Want to make the world a better place? (Labour Column), Crawley Observer, 30/05/2012,

No local nominee for police commissioner, Crawley News, 23/05/2012,

Strength of Labour will continue to grow, Crawley Observer, 23/05/2012,

Council reshuffle will save taxpayers £7,000 each year, Crawley News, 19/05/2012,

Traders’ bid to improve High Street area ‘blighted by anti-social behaviour’, Crawley Observer, 17/05/2012,

Crawley Labour group picks new leader, Crawley Observer, 10/05/2012,

Attack on leisure boss, Crawley News, 09/03/2012,

No confidence vote called for by Labour, Crawley Observer, 29/02/2012,

MP calls Labour “pathetic” for opposing Worth Park, Crawley Observer, 26/01/2012,

Town politicians divided over strike threat, Crawley Observer, 22/11/2011,

A Question of Youth, Crawley Happy Times, 16/11/11,

Electoral proposal is rejected, Crawley News, 26/10/2011,

Handing planning powers over to business (Labour Column), Crawley Observer, 18/09/2011,

Letter to the Editor, The Times, 29/03/11,

Northgate public meeting, Crawley Happy Times, 25/02/11,

CRAWLEY LOCAL ELECTION – Results, Crawley Observer, 07/05/2010,

Local election candidates announced, Crawley Observer, 09/04/2010,

Co-sign our statement calling for Labour to unite and focus on the real challenges ahead, Labour List, 06/01/10,

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