Emily Thornberry comes to Crawley to campaign with Labour Candidate and Council Leader Peter Lamb

Shadow Foreign Secretary, the Rt Hon Emily Thornberry MP visited Crawley on Friday to support Peter Lamb, Crawley Labour’s candidate for Parliament.

The visit began with a trip to Tilgate Park and its Nature Centre, where Council Leader Lamb showed her investments Crawley Borough Council had made in its facilities under his leadership, in the process raising money to pay for local services and offset cuts to the council’s budget made by the Conservative Government.

In the afternoon, Emily and Peter were then joined by other Crawley Labour members to talk with residents at Gossops Green Primary and on the doorstep about what is at stake at this election and Labour’s positive programme for Crawley and the country.

Speaking after the visit, Cllr Lamb said: “I’d like to thank Emily Thornberry for taking the time to come campaign for me.”

“During the last nine years of Conservative Government, Crawley has seen its NHS go into financial special measures, local headteachers have been forced to march on Downing Street to demand the funding our schools need, and police cuts have resulted in a wave of drugs and violence spreading into our neighbourhoods and town centre.

“There is no evidence another five will make anything better. In 2017, Labour came within 2,500 votes of beating the Conservatives in Crawley, with no other party retaining their deposit. On 12 th December it will really be a two-horse race between Labour and the Conservatives, for change or more of the same.”

One comment

  1. Another 5 years of Tory conscious cruelty and the NHS will be privatised and sold to American conglomerates.

    One choice:

    Labour to Save, what remains of, the NHS

    Surrey NHS was brutally taken to court by Branson where he “stole” nearly half a million because he was thwarted from replacing it with Virgin Care.

    We need Labour in government to stop this perpetual Tory nightmare.

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