Crawley families £2,665 worse off under Conservative cost of living crisis

New research from Crawley Labour reveals the Conservatives are leaving families in Crawley £2,665 worse off. The analysis includes all the measures announced in the Chancellor’s disastrous Spring Statement.

This year, families in Crawley will pay £1,059 more in tax thanks to the National Insurance hike, energy prices are rising by £693, the food shop will increase by £277 and mortgages in Crawley will rise by an average of £339.

Labour’s approach:

  • A Labour government would help families with energy bills fully funded by a windfall tax on the bumper profits of oil and gas companies
  • Labour would not be raising National Insurance Contributions at the worst possible time
  • Labour councils charge on average over £300 less than Conservative councils – and more than £500 less than the Lib Dems

Cllr Peter Lamb, Labour Leader of Crawley Borough Council, said:

“Crawley’s economy was the hardest hit in the country by the impact of the Government’s COVID-19 restrictions. Yet, even before the pandemic decisions taken by the Conservatives had seen living standards collapse to the point where over a third of the town’s children were growing up in poverty.”

“Now, as the country faces a Cost of Living Crisis, the Chancellor is increasing taxes again on working people again, the same Chancellor despite holding tax status in the US. Enough is enough, Crawley deserves a Government which is on their side.”

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