Sign up for Direct Debit and get your £150 energy bill payment quicker

Crawley Borough Council is urging residents to sign up for Direct Debit to receive their £150 payment towards their energy bills as quickly as possible.

Last week the government announced that a payment of £150 will be made in April to Council Tax paying residents in properties in bands A to D to help with increased energy bills. These payments will be made by the council via its banking system, which is based on the Direct Debit details held for Council Tax payments.

Therefore, the council is recommending that anyone liable to pay Council Tax who is not already paying by Direct Debit should set one up now. This will ensure that the payment is received quickly and without residents needing to complete an energy grant application.

Councillor Peter Lamb, Leader of Crawley Borough Council, said:

“Paying council tax by direct debit will not only enable residents to receive their rebate without major delay, but also help the council to run more efficiently, reducing the overall need to increase council tax each year. It’s the win-win option.”

Setting up a Direct Debit will also mean that account holders will be ready to pay their Council Tax bill for the 2022/23 financial year by Direct Debit instalments. This bill will be sent in March. To receive your bills electronically sign up at

To sign up for Direct Debit visit

For more information about Council Tax visit


    1. That’s fine. The main thing is we need people’s bank details in order to process the payment. If you already have a direct debit we can use those details.

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