Conservatives’ fraud write-off could have funded Crawley for 335 years

As Crawley Borough Council prepares to set its council tax rate for the coming council year, new analysis released by Crawley Labour reveals that the Conservatives’ staggering £4.3bn fraud write-off, could have funded Crawley Borough Council for over three centuries. The news comes just days after the Treasury minister responsible for countering fraud resigned in disgust at the Conservative Government’s unwillingness to prevent the staggering waste.

At the same time as families in Crawley are struggling with the cost of living, Rishi Sunak has just written off over £4bn in fraud, while at the same time pushing ahead with his National Insurance hike on working families.

£4.3bn is enough to pay for one and a half state-of the art aircraft carriers, 146,000 police officers, or 128,000 nurses. In effect, his decision effectively removes £156 from every Crawley household and hands it directly to organised crime.

Publishing the analysis, Cllr Peter Lamb, Labour Leader of Crawley Borough Council said:

“During the pandemic, Labour-run Crawley Borough Council were threatened by ministers with being ‘named and shamed’ for running basic anti-fraud checks on the COVID-19 grants we were responsible for processing. Despite this threat, we refused to bow to their pressure and continued to protect taxpayers’ money from fraud. Had the Conservative Government followed our example, struggling families would not now be having to pay more to close the £4.3bn black hole in Rishi Sunak’s budget.”

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