Crawley Live Column, Winter 2021

Christmas is almost here and like many I welcome the chance to recuperate from the turmoil of recent years. Yet, as we settle down to celebrate, there’s still much we can do to support Crawley this Christmas.

For instance, shops and other town centre businesses have really struggled through the pandemic. If we value having these any other local businesses here in Crawley then we can help them to survive using our custom this Christmas.

All the applause and rainbow posters for the NHS last year were great to see, but just because the clapping stopped doesn’t mean their job has got any easier. Much of the public sector is still struggling as much now as a year ago and in there are lots of little ways we can help these services get through, such as by limiting the demands we put on them and continuing to show our appreciation for those still fighting on the frontline.

For many people, unemployment, rising energy costs and cuts to Universal Credit will mean real hardship this Christmas, but we can help them get through, either by supporting people that we know or contributing to local charities who offer support to those in need like Open House.

Lastly, we can support each other by protecting own health, taking vaccines when they’re offered, wearing masks, socially distancing, and keeping our hands clean. The more we do to limit the spread, the more lives we save, and the quicker life returns to normal. Merry Christmas.

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