It’s time to end fire and rehire

Today is a national day of action against the use of ‘fire and rehire’, the controversial practice by which employers force employees to re-apply for their current jobs on poorer terms and conditions or face being made redundant. So far the Government has refused to act to ban this practice, and that’s what today’s day of action is all about.

With so many people now either unemployed or facing unemployment, it’s too easy to ignore the rise of fire and rehire, but the reality is that many of these companies aren’t in struggling industries right now, instead they are cynically taking advantage of the current unemployment crisis to increase their profit margins by picking the pockets of their workforce. Including, right here in Crawley.

It is wrong, it is immoral, and it needs to stop. There are a number of ways that you can support the campaign to get the Government to act:

1)     A socially distanced, covid-safe group photograph with a banner/posters – materials are available in regional offices.

2)     Distribution of leaflets within workplaces

3)     Share images and videos on social media using #EndFireAndRehire hashtag and tag @UnitePolitics

4)    Invite your local MP/Councillor candidate to visit demonstrations to show solidarity

7)   Write to your local paper

8)   Email your MP and get them to sign this Early Day Motion (EDM) in Parliament.

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