Crawley Live Column, Summer 2020

This is the first digital-only edition of Crawley Live the council has ever produced and it serves as a reminder of the unprecedented times in which we live.

More has been asked of our community than ever before and the responsible action of the vast majority in the town has literally saved the lives of thousands of our friends, family, colleagues and neighbours.

Throughout the lockdown we have seen some of the best of our society, with so many volunteering to help support those who were struggling, and the incredible efforts made by key workers to protect our NHS and keep essential services running. Including the amazing work undertaken by Crawley Borough Council staff who restructured almost every part of the council to play a role meeting the needs of the community throughout the crisis. We must not forget those who did their bit when this outbreak is over.

Unfortunately, Crawley’s road to recovery will be longer than most, with so many of our major employers belonging to industries hit hard by the lockdown, and at the same time the council’s income has taken a hammering leaving us far weaker as we start to rebuild the local economy.

I cannot claim that the next few years will be easy, but over recent months the people of this town have shown that they are capable of doing great good throughout hardship, and with so much going for our community, I am confident that Crawley’s best days are still ahead of us.

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