Press release: Peter Lamb has been endorsed by More United group, backing moderate candidates to tackle extreme politics

Leader of Crawley Council and Labour Parliamentary Candidate, Peter Lamb along with 108 candidates from across the political parties, has been endorsed by More United members.

More United is crowdfunding to channel funds to their endorsed candidates in the most marginal seats and has recruited a national network of volunteers who will turn out to support candidates locally. The unique model aims to elect more progressive candidates from different parties to shift the balance of parliament away from extremism and reform politics.

Peter Lamb said:

“I’m proud to have been endorsed by More United and welcome their support for my campaign. The movement aims to make politics less extreme and less tribal across party lines which I think will be essential in bringing our country together to focus on shared national interests instead of individual interests, so that we can move forward together.

“Brexit has been incredibly divisive both across the country and in parliament. Extreme groups like the European Research Group (ERG) which Conservative Candidate Henry Smith has supported, have proved divisive and polarising, when we need to listen to each other. There are many other important areas such as social care, housing, the environment where I believe we all need to work together to find the best solutions.”

Tabitha Morton, CEO of More United said:

“This election we have an ambitious plan to flood Parliament with MPs who care more about the country’s issues than party tribalism. MPs who care more about compromise than their own careers. By coming together to back these candidates who will work to find common ground, put country above party, and raise the bar in Parliament, we can build a better politics.”

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