Press Release: Council Leader calls for an end to the ‘Rail Rip-Off’

Following the Government’s decision to allow rail companies to again increase ticket prices above inflation next year, Cllr Peter Lamb—Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Crawley—has called for an end to the ‘Rail Rip-Off’ which has seen fares soar by 40% in a decade.

The price of a season ticket between Three Bridges and central London has risen by over £1,100 since the Conservatives returned to Government. At the same time average real wages have fallen, meaning Crawley’s commuters are not only paying more than ever before to get to work, but they are having to do it out of a smaller pay packet.

While the rail companies have been allowed to keep hiking prices every year, the quality of service endured by commuters has continued to decline, subjecting passengers to more delays, more cramped trains and fewer opportunities to access essential facilities, such as ticket offices.

Cllr Peter Lamb, said:

“Like many residents, I depend upon the rail network to get to work. I know the frustration of being asked to pay out more and more every year for a service that just keeps getting worse. It’s time we had MPs who were willing to end the Rail Rip-Off and give the public back control over the nation’s railways.“

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