Press Release: Crawley Labour condemn MP’s failure to support a Woman’s’ Right to Choose and Marriage Equality

Crawley Borough Council Leader and Labour Parliamentary candidate, Cllr Peter Lamb, has called out Crawley MP Henry Smith over his failure to vote to enable access to abortion and same sex marriage in Northern Ireland.

Last week the House of Commons passed an historic measure, providing women in Northern Ireland with the right to access an abortion and same-sex Northern Irish couples the right to marry for the first time. In both cases, Crawley’s MP failed to cast a vote. In England and Wales, abortion has been legal since 1967 and same-sex marriage since 2013.

Speaking about Mr Smith’s absences, Cllr Lamb said:

“This was an opportunity for all decent men and women in Parliament to stand up and be counted. Unfortunately, when the time came Crawley’s MP was nowhere to be found, leaving residents wondering just how far women and the LGBT community can rely upon Mr Smith to defend their basic rights.

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