Press Release: Surrey and Sussex A&E failing after nine years of Tory cuts

Official figures reveal that last month only 83.2% per cent of patients (1,552 patients) at East Surrey Hospital were seen in A&E within four hours.

Trusts are supposed to ensure that 95 per cent of patients are seen in that time period. This is even lower than the English average of 84.4 per cent, which is the lowest performance on record.

Crawley Borough Council Leader Peter Lamb, responding to today’s Surrey & Sussex performance data, said:

“A&E waiting times across the country are now at their worst level since records began, and Crawley residents are suffering. It’s a damning indictment of how years of Tory austerity and wider cuts have hit the NHS here.

“Ministerial incompetence has left our NHS with chronic shortages of NHS staff with no clear idea of how to sort this out.

“Instead of putting patients first with a clear plan to restore the A&E standard, the Conservatives are looking at scrapping it altogether in the teeth of opposition from the doctors who actually work in A&E departments.

“Yet again today’s figures reveal an NHS in desperate crisis and a Government failing patients.”

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