Crawley Observer Column, Wednesday 23th January 2019

Is there any end to the chaos? Another week goes by and control slips further from Theresa May’s grasp, and the country is left wondering when we will again have a Government focused on the real challenges people face every day.

When will we have a Government ready to give us the police we need to crack down on the drugs and violence we have seen in Crawley over recent months on an unprecedented scale?

When will we have a Government ready to invest in healthcare, so we can get Crawley’s NHS out of financial Special Measures, and restore patients’ access to GPs without the need for rationing?

When will we have a Government ready to listen to the headteachers unable to provide children with the education they deserve due to a lack of resources, with ‘ Special Educational Needs going unmet?

When will we have a Government ready to take the shackles off councils, so we can again build affordable housing on the scale necessary to fix the UK’s housing crisis?

When will we have a Government ready to ensure our nation’s most senior citizens can live their final years without fearing they will be left without the support they need or else face financial ruin to access care?

When will we have a Government ready to deliver the transport infrastructure we require to get to work and go about our daily lives?

When will we have a Government ready to help people access meaningful work, with decent conditions and long-term prospects?

For the last three years we’ve been left without a Government, as Theresa May has bet everything on trying to deliver one thing, the one thing it transpires she cannot deliver.

As a country and a community, don’t we deserve better? The Government has shown they either cannot or will not deliver for local people. For that to change it is now clear that the Government has to change. Until that happens, my team and I at the council will continue on the ground, focusing on the needs of local people as we go on delivering for Crawley.

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