Today is #OurDay the day for remembering everything local government does for local communities

Today is #OurDay the annual effort by the Local Government Association to draw attention to everything councils do on behalf of local communities.

Under the Conservatives, local government has been hit far harder than any other part of the public sector (because it’s always easier to make other people take the tough decisions) and yet councils are responsible for many of the services citizens depend upon every day, from roads and rubbish collection, to homes and parks, to schools and social care. Despite the cuts passed down by central government, councillors and officers have gone on fighting for their local areas.

In Crawley, I’m proud that after four and a half years as Leader, Crawley is still able to spend the same amount on services as when I took office. It wasn’t easy, we’ve worked hard to find the money, but Crawley is worth it, and along the way we’ve built 1,000 new affordable homes and made big steps forward preparing the town’s economy for the future.

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