Press Release: Council supports National Democracy Week

Crawley Borough Council is supporting the inaugural National Democracy Week, celebrating the 90th anniversary of the 1928 Equal Franchise Act which gave women the same voting rights as men.

The week will kick off on Monday 2 July and is being led by the National Democracy Week Council, which includes more than 40 organisations across the UK who are passionate about democratic engagement.

The aim of the week is to increase the number of people who are more likely to participate in democratic decision making; increase voter registration; improve understanding of the barriers to democratic engagement; and show that in working together, we are greater than the sum of our parts.

With a range of activities taking place nationally, participants will learn about the importance of democracy, how you can get involved in local and national politics and much more!

Leader of Crawley Borough Council, Councillor Peter Lamb, said: “Democracy is a fundamental part of our way of life, it’s how people’s voices are heard and how we make decisions to improve society and make it a better, fairer place. I would encourage everyone to get involved in National Democracy Week, whether you attend an event or research about democratic processes.”

For more information about democracy in Crawley, visit

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