Press Release: Council saves family from eviction

Crawley Borough Council has saved a family from being made homeless after their landlord tried to unlawfully evict them.

The private sector tenants had a legal, valid tenancy agreement but the landlord was looking to remove them during their tenancy.

A landlord cannot do this unless there has been a breach of tenancy agreement. If there had been a breach, the landlord would need to issue proper notices seeking possession with an appropriate court order. There was no breach of tenancy in this case.

The council’s Private Sector Housing Team acted quickly and advised the landlord of the offences he was about to commit if he tried to evict the family. The landlord quickly retracted his intentions to evict the family.

Councillor Peter Lamb, Leader of the Council, said: “The officers’ actions prevented this family from becoming immediately homeless and gave them the time to seek alternative accommodation, if they wished to do so.

“While I’m pleased that in this case the landlord saw sense and abided by the law, rogue landlords need to know that we are watching.”

This case was reported to the council’s Audit Committee last night (Tuesday 28 November).

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