Australia shows hope is still alive

So, after the long debate we have a result and in the last hour it has been revealed that 62% of respondents on an 80% turnout in Australia’s National Mail Poll have indicated that they would support a change in the law to enable same-sex marriage.

This is only the first step in passing a law to enable marriage equality, but when you see a result like that something even more significant seems to sit behind it. For many of us the world has felt like it was moving backward over recent years, that the rewards hard won by the generation who fought fascism had begun to unravel and that the value of our common humanity was being forgotten.

What Australia has given us is another spark of hope, a sign through the darkness progress is still being made, that a better world is remains possible. We live in a period of great uncertainty, with the decline of the major religious and ideological certainties of the past it is perhaps the greatest period of uncertainty in the history of mankind, but there is still hope and so long it it is there those of us who are determined to secure that better tomorrow will go on fighting.

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