Press Release: Council aiming to make Crawley a Living Wage town

Crawley Borough Council is encouraging local businesses to become accredited Living Wage employers, with the aim of making Crawley a Living Wage town.

On Monday the new UK rate which is independently calculated to meet the cost of living, was announced by the Living Wage Foundation.

Employees outside of London will see a rise of 30p to £8.75 per hour while the London rate will rise from £9.75 to £10.20 per hour.

The council is continuing to pay above the real Living Wage while contractors and casual staff will receive the new rate.

Many businesses who voluntarily opt-in to the scheme have seen a rise in productivity and morale amongst employees, which is one of many ways it can benefit a business.

Cabinet member for Economic Development, Councillor Peter Smith, said: “Converting to a Living Wage town would not only improve the economic growth of Crawley but also encourage job seekers and graduates to build their career here.

“The council have been an accredited Living Wage employer since 2013 and it has improved motivation and helped to attract and retain a quality workforce. I’m proud to say we’re committed to supporting the campaign for many years to come.”

Leader of Crawley Borough Council, Peter Lamb said: “Crawley is situated in one of the UK’s most successful local economies, yet far too many residents are earning less than it’s possible to live on.

“That’s clearly wrong and it’s hard to see how productive employees can be when distracted by constant concerns over how they’re going to make ends meet.”

Katherine Chapman, Director of the Living Wage Foundation said:

“Year-on-year, we see organisations and businesses across the UK embracing the real Living Wage as they recognise that a fair day’s pay is not only the right thing to do, but can improve quality of work, reduce staff absences due to stress, increase motivation and create a long lasting workforce.”

“Monday’s increase acknowledges that the cost of living continues to rise for workers everywhere and the leadership shown by businesses who welcome this is a cause for celebration during Living Wage Week, sending a positive message to the business community to show what others can achieve.”

For more information about the real Living Wage:

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