Commemorating 70 years, at home and overseas

This evening I was pleased to attend an event at the Hawth in commemoration of not only 70 years of Crawley New Town, but also 70 years of independence in India and Pakistan. It has been great to see the range of ways in which Crawley’s community has celebrated our Platinum Anniversary and tonight was no different, with a range of different sights, sounds and flavours.

The seventy year history of the New Town has been one of people coming and going. From the Irish migrants who were brought in to build Crawley’s neighbourhoods and the families who moved out of London, to the Asian families with British citizenship expelled from Uganda and the European Citizens who have moved to the town in recent years.

As we remember the last seventy years of Crawley, with each group bringing their own strengths to add to our community, it was a powerful opportunity to remember in parallel the UK’s historic and lingering connection to India and Pakistan from the days of the Raj, with all the cultural interchange and assimilation that has entailed.

We are a town which gains strength from our diversity and my thanks to Councillor Rajesh Sharma and Councillor Tahira Rana for taking the time to organise another fantastic event for the town to enjoy in its seventieth year.


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