Press Release: Steps to improve Manor Royal maintenance

The Manor Royal BID has taken steps to further improve the look and feel of the business district by appointing a new team to significantly enhance the standards of everyday maintenance in Crawley’s main employment area. Having successfully brought investment to improve Manor Royal’s entranceways, signage and open spaces, the BID team has also recognised a need to enhance the general upkeep of the area.

In the months ahead, the new maintenance team, proudly wearing their new BID-branded jackets, will be working across Manor Royal in Crawley to spruce up the area.  Their work will complement the work of the new Business Rangers Service which will also be launched shortly.

Steve Sawyer, Executive Director of Manor Royal BID is pleased to see the new service introduced.  He said: “Improving the standard of maintenance ranked highly in our latest business survey.  In response, we have created a new action plan to get our business district looking as good as it can, enhancing the current level of maintenance over and above those Crawley Borough Council are routinely able to provide.

“We’ve already invested in some big infrastructure improvements, but the little things also matter and can have a big impact on your impression of a place.  When you look good, you feel good and that goes for places too!”

Councillor Peter Smith, Cabinet member for Planning and Economic Development at Crawley Borough Council, said: “This enhanced maintenance programme demonstrates the benefit of Manor Royal Business District and Crawley Borough Council working together and ensures that Manor Royal looks its best, continues to entice businesses and provides a more attractive working environment for the tens of thousands of people who are employed on the business district.”

The work of the maintenance team will be regularly reported on the Manor Royal website so that everyone can see and keep track of the positive impact they are making.

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