Corbyn in Crawley

Photo credit: @kiran205

Jeremy Corbyn was in Crawley on Monday, the first stop on his post-recess tour of the hyper-marginal seats which will determine the next General Election.

This was the second time I have had the pleasure of welcoming Jeremy to Crawley. The first visit had taken place in the wake of the press attacking him because according to their protractors the angle of a bow was insufficient to meet their arbitrary requirements. This time was different, he was a man in total command of his role and you could feel the confidence coming off him.

As part of the visit he met with local healthcare professionals before speaking to an electrified crowd of over 300 local Labour members, brilliantly introduced by former Maidenbower candidate Morgan Flack.

Yet, typically, it was the story away from the meeting which really took flight. Arriving into Crawley Railway Station, Jeremy noticed a resident struggling to get her pram over the railway bridge and offered a helping hand. Of course, the cynics were quick to claim it as a stunt but this is a regular problem at the station and I have similarly helped struggling parents in the past. The question is, could you imagine another party leader actually taking the time to help? I suspect that’s the real motivation behind the cynicism.

As for the railway bridge, Labour has been pressing Network Rail for years to provide suitable facilities for those with disabilities or prams to be able to cross platforms more easily. With vastly improved access arrangements forming part of the redevelopment of the station site, Crawley Labour is about to once again deliver for Crawley.

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