Back on the doorstep

After taking a couple of weeks off after the election, Crawley Labour members were out again yesterday morning talking with local residents.

While door-knocking in the run up to May tends to focus on electioneering–for obvious reasons, over the rest of the year we use it uncover any issues in local neighbourhoods we can help to address and to have deeper conversations with voters about the sort of town and society we can help build together.

Our first post-election session was in Furnace Green and I’m now working to resolve the local problems residents flagged up. One thing which did come across very strongly though, when we raised the topic of the current Government residents were deeply unimpressed that a billion pounds can easily be found for Northern Ireland to buy the votes of the DUP while the Conservatives plead poverty when it comes to English public services.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. Saturday was also the final day of Crawley Festival, ending with Main Stage in the Memorial Gardens. The Festival seemed bigger this year and it was great to see a wide range of the local community represented on the stage, at the stalls and in the crowds.

It seems like we always have one festival or another taking place in the town and having a wide array of cultures to draw upon means there’s constantly something new to enjoy. It’s yet another sign of the strength of the community we have here in Crawley.

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