A bright road ahead for leisure and culture in Crawley

Today I attended my last meeting of the Local Government Association’s Culture, Tourism and Sport Board, the body tasked with putting the views of councils across to central government and other major national bodies (such as Sports England, the Football Association and the Arts Council) on issues related culture, tourism, media and sport.

While I won’t be seeking reappointment to the board, it has been a privilege to have represented local government on the national level and a great opportunity to challenge decision-makers to make the changes we need for these areas of policy to thrive in Crawley. Although Crawley isn’t a major tourist destination, the presence of Gatwick Airport means that tourism is central to our local economy and Crawley Labour Party is proud of our role in providing leading sports and culture facilities in the town, such as at K2 and the Hawth.

As we look to the future of our local facilities, with the improvements possible in renewing the contract for K2 and a new museum only months away from opening, I am confident that much like the town’s motto in Crawley our opportunities for culture, tourism and sport in Crawley will continue to grow and we will rejoice

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