Crawley’s Labour Council to deliver Ultrafast Gigabit Fibre technology to Crawley

There is an ever-increasing demand for high speed internet connectivity from both business and residents as additional demands are placed on our existing networks by improvements and changes in technology. Changes in working practices and increased use of technology produces particularly demanding requirements from Businesses for both high speed and high capacity networks. Gigabit Fibre technology can deliver this capability but is expensive to install and difficult to cost justify for individuals and businesses.

However, a solution is in hand as Crawley’s Labour run council propose to sign up for the installation of a gigabit fibre ‘backbone’ across the Town and Manor Royal providing both residents and businesses of all sizes the opportunity to keep up with the changing demands of their technology and delivering high speed networks to their door. This multi-million pound project will be managed and delivered by Crawley Borough Council working with a private sector partner and will attract both public and private investment. Once installed businesses and individuals will be able to sign-up for state-of-the-art fibre connections to the internet.

If all goes to plan the work to install the cabling will commence next year after completion of final contract negotiations.

Peter Lamb, Crawley Council Leader and Labour’s Candidate in Crawley, said: “The Council is determined to make sure that Crawley’s world class businesses are supported by the technology infrastructure they need to maintain their leading position in the region and globally. Public sector investment in the Ultrafast Gigabit Fibre backbone will deliver the underlying capacity to Crawley ahead of many other locations, giving our local companies a competitive advantage allowing them to prosper and continue providing high-quality well-paid employment for Crawley people. Residents will also benefit from the investment allowing them to have Ultrafast internet speeds directly into their home – whether for watching the latest movies or working from home – everyone will be a winner.”

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