Tory-led Government has the spirit of Scrooge when cutting Crawley’s services

Just before Christmas, Crawley Borough Council was informed by the Tory-led government that next April it will face reductions of just under 10%, compared with the amount received in 2012/13.

This further drastic cutback is on top of two previous years of severe reductions, much heavier than cuts to other central government departments.

While it’s hard to see how the Government’s claim that this amounts to a mere 1.3% ties with the actual picture, the reality is that this will have a massive impact on the quality of services residents receive locally.

Labour Group Leader Cllr Peter Lamb said:

“This impacts on the council enormously.  There is now a budget black hole of nearly £400,000 that Crawley council taxpayers have to deal with.

“At the same time that the Tory-led government has been giving millionaires a £100,000 tax cut, they expect ordinary people in Crawley to shoulder the burden to pay for it.  It is unacceptable.”

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